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IbratroName of Recipient:
Ms. Shirley Siew

Singapore’s distribution and sales channels are simple, direct and open to the participation of foreign firms established in Singapore. Due to Singapore’s role as a regional hub, most local distributors will also have knowledge of regional distribution rules and regulations.

Since 2007, Ibratro Pte Ltd has been a value-added distributor based in Singapore, dealing with a selection of premium products. The company mainly provides top-of-the-line products used in the enterprise. Some of them include video conferencing solutions, fax servers, SIP terminals, enterprise PBX, contact centre software, hospitality application suites and many more.

Founding Director of Ibratro, Ms. Shirley Siew, explained about the meaning behind the company’s name. The 3 syllabus of the company’s name, ‘I’, ‘Bra’ and ‘Tro’ symbolize the words, ‘In’, ‘Good’ and ‘Faith’, which were translated from the Swedish language. The reason behind the use of Swedish words stems from the company’s beginnings with Swedish giant, Ericsson. Through such a special and meaningful name, Ms. Shirley hopes to revive the focus of building long-term relationships as opposed to the ‘shop-and-drop’ mentality that many of their competitors adopt.

As a team, the Ibratro crew has accumulated over 100 years of experience in the enterprise communications industry. This cumulative experience, together with strong team spirit and healthy work ethics, allows the team to address the long-term needs of the enterprise.

Ibratro has partners in all of Southeast Asia as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. With a diverse channel of network, it was a critical challenge for the company to learn to respect different cultures and business practices as well as assimilate into the local business environment. Only with strong business relationships, can Ibratro truly value-add to these partners’ business in the long run.  In spite of these challenges, Ms. Shirley and her team remained optimistic and actively evolved the company’s business model.

The company differentiates itself from competitors by ensuring that all solutions and equipments are tested within their labs before introducing them to their customers. Ms. Shirley further elaborated that this is to be certain that their clients get value for their money. Following a strict code of ethics, the company is able to ensure that they maintain high value traction in the chosen markets.

Over the years, Ms. Shirley has accumulated and gained much experience. Her ethos is that entrepreneurs need to be humble and willing to learn at all times, regardless of their achievements. On top of that, commitment to long-term goals is one of the qualities which Ms. Shirley values. Also, she said that it is a must to work with an open mind, and not forgetting about patience. Ms. Shirley believes that the qualities mentioned above will enable entrepreneurs to be successful in running their businesses.

Moving forward, Ms. Shirley has plans for the company in the next five years. She hopes to bring in more products for the company. Besides, Ms. Shirley is aiming to reach out to more countries, bringing Asian technologies into Europe. This also means that Ibratro will be able to work with partners from various countries.

Ultimately, it is with great ardour and dedication that Ibratro has managed to secure their success so far. It is undoubtedly that they will be able to expand and improve on this ardour and dedication, thus maintaining and gaining more success in the coming years.

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