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Mr. Chua Tuan Cheng

’Bak Kwa’, also known as barbecued meat, is a sweet and salty dried meat product, which is comparable to jerky. Originated from the Fujian Province in China, it has become a popular delicacy among Singaporeans, especially during the Chinese festive season. This snack is often made with pork, chicken, beef or mutton, which requires a lot of preparation and cooking time.

Siang Ge Pte Ltd, situated at Jalan Kayu, is one such store that retails delectable barbecued meat at an affordable price. Their mouth-watering Bak Kwas are vacuum-sealed in packages of 500g and 1kg, to ensure maximum taste and freshness. On top of that, they are freshly prepared, barbecued and sold daily using high quality meat flown in from Brazil. Siang Ge prides themselves on their own unique recipe, promising customers originality and satisfaction even until the very last bite.

Siang Ge’s Bak Kwa comes in various size and flavours, such as the Honey Sliced BBQ Pork, Golden Coin BBQ Pork, Spicy BBQ Pork and Sliced BBQ Chicken. Apart from that, they also serve biscuits imported from Malaysia as well as pork, chicken and fish floss, which are suitable for family gatherings, corporate functions and any other special occasions. At Siang Ge, they strive to provide an unforgettable gourmet experience for their customers.

Owned and managed by Mr. Chua Tuan Cheng and Mr. Goh Kian Boon, the duo has attained much success for the company since 2010. According to Mr. Chua, who is also the founder of TC Construction Pte Ltd, it has always been his dream to start up a business, which serves the local treat – Bak Kwa. “After the birth of TC Construction Pte Ltd, I felt like doing more. I have always been passionate and committed in the work that I do. Hence, there was no surprise that I received much support from my family and friends to establish Siang Ge Pte Ltd,” said Mr. Chua gleefully.

Despite Siang Ge’s achievements, there were many instances whereby the company struggled. Initially, the quality of Siang Ge’s barbecued meat was inferior to many of its competitors. Mr. Chua added that he even had to personally market his products and there was a very small client base as the company was still young and weak in reputation. However, the directors persevered and continued to look for ways to boost their business.

As an effort to increase profits for the company, the company even sold curry puffs during the first two years of operations. After much trial and error, Mr. Chua gradually found solutions to the obstacles encountered. Besides sourcing for the finest ingredients, the preparation techniques and recipe were also altered to enhance the taste of their products. Siang Ge currently utilizes the traditional cooking method, using 90% charcoal to grill their Bak Kwas.

Over time, Siang Ge’s business picked up as its reputation strengthened. Recently, they were presented with the Food & Service Excellence Award 2014, Trusted Quality Brand Award as well as the Singapore Enterprise Award for 2015. Being one of the recipients of this year’s Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award vividly displays Mr. Chua and Mr. Goh’s ability in making the business flourish.

As the business director of two companies, Mr. Chua shared that being an entrepreneur has given him a lot of satisfaction and he genuinely enjoys doing the work that he does. “It is important for every entrepreneur to motivate and push themselves until they reach their desired goals. As much as you need to be serious and focused when it comes to things business-related, one must not forget to take pleasure in his job.”

For the next few years, Mr. Chua intends to operate a new factory, as well as to launch more new products. The plan will include re-introducing curry puffs which they have stopped retailing since 2012. Given Siang Ge’s palatable Bak Kwa at wallet-friendly prices, coupled with Mr. Chua and Mr. Goh’s guidance, we strongly believe that the company will continue to experience greater breakthroughs in time to come.

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