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Ms. Elizabeth Chan

Learning is an entity that will follow its owner everywhere he or she goes. There is no doubt that education plays a pivotal role in our lives. However, many skills and knowledge that we have acquired in school may not be relevant in the working world today.

Elizabeth Chan, founder and CEO of the Center For Competency-Based Learning & Development (CBLD) Pte Ltd, recognizes the importance of education for work-based skills and continual development. With the desire to help others enhance their competencies and make a difference at their workplace, the former Human Resource practitioner and SPRING consultant, started her own training and consultancy company in April 2007.

CBLD Center is a one-stop resource center that provides corporate and public training as well as consultancy services relating to competency-based learning, development and human capital management. It develops competency frameworks consisting of competency maps or profiles, competency standards, competency-based assessment plans and training programmes for various industries.

In addition, CBLD Center is an approved training provider appointed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) for the Human Resource Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training programmes and Environmental Cleaning WSQ training programmes. They offer WSQ certifications in Environmental Cleaning, at the Certificate, Higher Certificate and Advanced Certificate levels.

Privately owned and managed by Elizabeth, she shared that she always enjoys interacting with people to get inspirations and ideas for her work. Prior to the establishment of CBLD Center, Elizabeth was recognized and awarded SPRING’s outstanding consultant in 2002 for her intensive and quality work as well as contributions to Singapore’s national workforce development.

Over the last 15 years as a trainer and consultant, Elizabeth has worked with numerous government agencies and organizations in more than 40 different industries developing and implementing competency frameworks and specializing in the field of competency-based learning and development. Armed with years of experience and exceptional skills, it was no surprise that Elizabeth eventually chose to venture out and start her own business.

Coupled with her team of committed professionals and her center’s high quality training programmes and consultancy services, it has led them to become one of the frontrunners in the industry. Many clients and even competitors view them as the leader in the field of competency-based learning and development because of its pool of highly qualified and dedicated trainers and consultants.

As a strong advocate of competency-based learning and development, Elizabeth is now championing the change in human resource practices and promotes the adoption of the competency framework in organizations. This framework can be integrated with all human resource management systems to serve as one holistic system, which offers solutions to organizations in overcoming critical challenges. Those who have attended Elizabeth’s training and talks are convinced and are able to appreciate the goodness and benefits of her human resource competency framework.

CBLD Center currently has 3 campuses in the East and Central of Singapore, with a combined area of about 9,000 square feet. The campuses are equipped with interactive technology and systems such as the SMART® Board, SMART® LightRaise and eBeam Edge. On top of adopting the latest in training technologies, CBLD also incorporates interactive games and facilitation techniques in their lessons to ensure that participants are engaged and gain a meaningful learning experience. It is clear that with all these in place, the company keeps up with the trends and strives for nothing but the best when it comes to learning.

Although CBLD Center has attained many successes since they started operation, Elizabeth shared that they had encountered several challenges along the years. In this niche industry, it is undoubtedly difficult to recruit good and qualified trainers and consultants. Elizabeth recalled having to scout for more than 20 individuals with potential and train them personally to work on one project.

Elizabeth, who takes up multiple roles on a typical working day, told us that although doing business is exciting, it has to be taken seriously and ‘quality and trust are of utmost importance’. As an advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, she said that an individual has to trust in one’s ability and believe that the sky’s the limit. It is also crucial to be able to differentiate with a personal touch.

CBLD’s success story is one that vividly displays the company’s abilities in doing well. Under Elizabeth’s leadership, there is no doubt that CBLD will continue to be a rising name in the industry.

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