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Green StarNames of Recipients:
Mr. Roger Tan
Ms. Janice Tan

Spray painting has become a rather popular option for car owners who wish to paint their vehicle. With its wallet-friendly prices, they are much more cost-efficient compared to other alternatives. Many individuals in Singapore own cars and it is evident that many of them are willing to invest on beautifying it. As you assess your car, you may tend to think that your car parts are in tip-top condition. The only concern is that it gives others the impression of being plain-looking. If you hope to transform your car into one that looks stunning, you can simply approach spray painting professionals for assistance.

Currently managed by a husband-and-wife team, Mr. Roger Tan and Ms. Janice Tan, Green Star Spray Painting is a prominent local company offering a wide variety of services ranging from panel beating, body kits assembly, spray painting projects to vehicle insurance claim or renewal.

At Green Star Spray Painting, their highly skilled staffs provide panel spray painting services where they spray individual, multiple panels or custom designs on vehicles, according to their customers’ choices. When it comes to vehicles having scrapes or scuffs on the doors, bonnet or boot, it will be the most ideal for the owners to approach Green Star Spray Painting for their services. With competent mechanics and meticulous refinishers at the helm of servicing vehicles, it is no doubt that Green Star Spray Painting is proficient in delivering the various services with equal expertise.

It all started off as a hobby for Roger. The company was initially owned by his father who then passed down the business to him. Since young, he has always been helping his father with the business. Gradually, he began to develop a passion for this particular industry. Throughout the years, Roger worked along with his father to assist him in managing Green Star Spray Painting. Eventually, this allowed Roger to build up his experience, knowledge and skills.

Every business comes along with challenges and obstacles. When Roger first took over Green Star Spray Painting, he was greatly restricted by space constraints. Roger explained that due to the limited space they had in their workshop, they were unable to serve all of the customers who approached Green Star Spray Painting for services. Despite the challenges, Roger took things “step by step” in a gradual and methodical manner.

Roger and Janice have now led Green Star Spray Painting through their various problems, and are now on a road to a prosperous future. Established since 1970, Green Star Spray Painting has attained recognition from the public. Janice also added that they have received several prestigious awards such as Star Merchant Award. That being so, Roger and Janice expressed their sense of accomplishment, especially when mentioning about the progress Green Star Spray Painting has made thus far. Clearly, it is hard work which pushes the company to be at where it is now.

Since both Roger and Janice strongly believe in providing quality services, Green Star Spray Painting has built up their own group of regular customers through word of mouth and recommendations. Being one of the best spraying companies around, Green Star Spray Painting itself is highly recommended by customers. Thus, this results in an increasing number of customers for Roger and Janice to serve. The first-rate service provided is definitely Green Star Spray Painting’s secret weapon to ensure that they are ahead of their competitors.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Roger has a few advices to dispense. He emphasized that possessing the appropriate working etiquette and attitude are very crucial if entrepreneurs wish to be successful in their businesses. In addition, Roger felt that entrepreneurs need to be friendly, regardless of customers or employees. At the end of the day, adopting a friendly character makes it easier for entrepreneurs to maintain a good relationship with people whom they are working with.

With Roger’s success story, it truly proves that nothing is impossible once you set your heart and mind to it. For Green Star Spray Painting, the journey is far from over. Having the desire to give his wife a better future, Roger hopes for the business to maintain its steady growth. With Janice standing behind him in support, there is little doubt that Roger will lead Green Star Spray Painting to its brightest future yet.

Contact Details
Blk 3011 Bedok North Ave 4, Bedok Industrial Park E
#01-2004 S(489977)
T| 6546 3092  /  6443 1615
F| 6545 2066  /  6443 1510


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