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Mr. Alan Tan

Logistical issues may be a lot of hassle for some because any mistake along the way may prove to be costly. Thankfully, a specialist in logistical work, such as JEL Express Logistics, comes into the picture.

Founded in 2012, JEL is helmed by the affable Alan Tan. “At JEL, we often provide logistic support to transport smaller accessories like steel plates and pipes,” Alan says.

Explaining the meaning behind the company employing the picture of an elephant on their logo, Alan states that he wishes to pay tribute to elephants, which were people’s main mode of transportation in the past. “I like to think that we are elephants; always reliable and capable to take on big tasks!” Alan opines.

However, success did not come easy for JEL. Alan reveals that the company came from humble beginnings and he never thought that they could come so far. Alan had to cough up $300, 000 in start-up funds on his own, because he was not able to secure a bank loan.

“I knew that I cannot fail, because a lot of people are depending on me,” Alan emphasizes. Though being an entrepreneur has its own risks, Alan feels that he is able to fulfil his life’s purpose as he enjoys building up a business from scratch and he loves the challenges of his work.

With the start-up cost, Alan hired a small team who shared the same vision as him. Furthermore, he invested his money on good vehicles, in order to ensure that vehicular malfunctioning is kept to the minimum. He highlighted that his team puts in the hours in order to get JEL off the ground. “I am grateful to have my team, because they are my family and we have the same goal in mind – which is to grow the business!” Alan proudly states.

Their hard work did not go unnoticed, as JEL has been given the great honour by Singapore Armed Forces to transport their tanks to the Padang for this year’s Golden Jubilee National Day Parade. This obviously shows that JEL is a highly trusted logistic partner who is able to complete big projects.

“I love my job!” Alan says with pride. He went on to share that the most satisfying aspect about his job is to work as a team to complete projects. He further explains that he likes working with his team as they possess the same dedication as him, and finishing a project offers him the satisfaction of satisfying his customer’s expectation.

Moreover, Alan adds that he enjoys the “challenge” of his job. He tells us, “I love doing project cargo, because the challenge lies in transporting huge objects that are sometimes 8m in width!” Alan elaborates that the chances of accidents are high, but he likes challenges. This explains why he finds his work exciting and rewarding.

Due to the nature of their cargo, the team of drivers will have to be very meticulous in checking for wear and tear issues on their vehicles. “Our SOP is that we will check our trucks every morning, before we start work,” Alan explains. He says that this will allow for greater efficiency in their work for the rest of the day.

Alan predicts that the industry will take a downturn from 2015 to 2016. Despite that, he remains positive in his outlook and continues to work hard as his “biggest wish is to carry on this business”.

“I am very proud that JEL is able to come so far within a short period of time. In fact, if I have a superpower, I would use it for my business by bringing in more trucks!” Alan jokes.

On top of that, Alan also talks about the importance of being a humble person. He mentions that being humble is not something that only applies to being an entrepreneur. Alan believes that humble people are generally more able to acquire new knowledge because they are open to new ideas.

Evidently, the reason for JEL’s success is their friendly environment and their tireless efforts to ensure that their vehicles are in tip-top condition. Needless to say, JEL will continue towards more success because they have set down the foundations of excellence deep within their organisational structure.

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