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Mr. Alan Tan

If you are considering handling your own warehousing solutions, you need to think about how your equipment would affect your processing speed. Inefficient or substandard equipment will not only limit the amount of orders your employees are able to handle, you may also be more likely to damage your own goods.

With a logistics specialist, you do not have to worry about this, as they will have access to a large and diverse range of all the equipment they need. Therefore, a logistic specialist can be your partner for your business’ lifetime. This explains why you need to do your due diligence in finding the right one.

Founded by Mr. Alan Tan, Jaguar Express Logistics is a premier one-stop integrated logistics specialist, which provides support to oil & gas industries, as well as, power, construction, and petrochemical industries. In addition, they possess their own transportation fleet, heavy lift, haulage equipment, tugboats, and barges.

Dwelling into the origin of the company’s name, Alan shares that the jaguar is a very quick witted and steady creature, and these are the attributes he wishes for his company to possess.

In every business, entrepreneurs are bound to face certain challenges. Alan sheds light on his entrepreneurial story, and mentions that banks did not grant him any loan, so he had to cough up the start-up fund on his own. Upon securing the appropriate start up fund, Alan ensured that the money is allocated wisely. He budgeted a sum of money for trailers and trucks, renovation, staffing, and rental.

With a start-up capital of $300, 000, Alan knew he could not afford to fail in the business venture. During the early days, Alan had to be prudent with every aspect of his business, ranging from administrative work, to payroll, and quality of work.

On top of that, Alan only had four employees when he first founded the company in 2010. All of the employees, including Alan, had to work for long hours in order to see the company take off. Little by little, clients started to see the efficiency provided by Jaguar Express Logistics and started looking for Alan and his team’s help.

“We work as a team. We are a family, in fact, some workers even volunteer to do more!” Alan beamed. More than evident in that statement is the work culture at Jaguar Express Logistics. Alan continued by telling us that an employer will not be able to achieve much without a good team. He strongly believes in the importance of appreciating people for their hard work and dedication.

“The difference is that Jaguar Express Logistics dare to take on ‘mission impossible’ projects!” Alan said. He went on to explain the actual meaning of “mission impossible”. According to Alan, the company will “transport things that people dare not move”. For instance, Jaguar once transported an aircraft from Jurong Port to Ang Mo Kio ITE, a massive feat if you consider the length and width of an aircraft. Even more impressive was the fact that Jaguar is able to execute their deliveries within 24 hours. This also happens to be the company’s practice across every project.

Other than that, Alan also discussed about the topic of entrepreneurship. “No pain, no gain. An entrepreneur must have a fighter’s spirit. Also, everyone in the company needs to help each other,” Alan opined.

After being in this industry for several years, Jaguar has already expanded into neighbouring Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and China. Despite that, Alan stated that he will not rest until he realises his dream of owning his own building. He continued to elaborate on his plans, indicating that the building will house a warehouse and create more space for his trucks.

Alan emphasized that he owes his success to his dedicated team and expressed that he truly enjoys working with them. In fact, Alan and his team already see Jaguar as their “second home”. Needless to say, Jaguar’s success is due to the dedication of the team and sound leadership from Alan. Most definitely, Jaguar will continue to prosper and be a blueprint for generations of entrepreneurs to come.

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21 Bukit Batok Crescent #23-78
WCEGA Tower S(658065)
T| 6570 9978
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