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KFT Facade LogoThe facade of a building is the very first clue which reveals that the structure has something exceptional to offer. A cool facade simply represents the architect’s creative vision and his desire to impress everyone with something distinctive and out of the ordinary. While the facade is an exquisite component that aids in defining the unique architectural aesthetics of the building, it also takes up a crucial role when it comes to energy performance and interior function of a building.

Established since 2007, KFT Facade (S) Pte Ltd is an external building facade construction company. In other words, the company can be considered as the builder of external facade architectural outlook of buildings and structures. KFT Facade specialises in offering services such as design, fabrication and installation of all external facade. Some examples of these facades include curtain wall, canopies, shopfront glass, aluminium cladding, doors and windows.

Not only being involved in new buildings, KFT Facade also provides Additions & Alterations (A&A) works to existing buildings. A&A works refer to minor renovation changes to existing properties or buildings, without affecting the foundation and structure. These may range from repairs to renovations and maintenance works, such as changing of the floor tiles, roof tiles and addition of partition walls.

For the founders of KFT Facade, building facade industry was not something new to them. Ever since young, they have been working in this industry prior to the founding of KFT Facade. Eventually, it helps to build up their passion and interest towards building facades. Hence, they have gained many years of experience in the industry itself, enabling them to expertise in this area of work. With the rich knowledge and skills attained, the founders decided that they were ready to give it a shot to start up a business on their own, leading to the existence of KFT Facade.

When the founders first started off their business, many challenges and obstacles surfaced. Searching and hiring capable human resource appeared to be one of the few concerns which the founders had. Employees need to have ample understanding and skills to be efficient in their work. Founders agreed that finding suitable employees to work in KFT Facade is no easy feat. Moreover, limited financial capacity is another common challenge faced by many entrepreneurs during the initial years.

To tackle the obstacles mentioned above, KFT Facade chose to focus on rendering subcontract services while utilising their years of experiences gained as an advantage. This is mainly because founders did not have adequate resources to monitor and purchase the products needed. After a period of time, due to their in-depth experiences and positive attitude, KFT Facade succeeded in winning the trust of many well-established facade contractors. Subsequently, these contractors engaged themselves in KFT Facade’s services for both the Turnkey project management as well as installation works. With hard work and sincerity, KFT Facade began to overcome their challenges one by one.

From a small company operating with limited capital funds and only three employees, KFT Facade now has evolved into a prominent organisation in the industry. Along the years, they have won several awards and recognitions from the public, such as Singapore Entrepreneur Award, SG 50 Enterprise 2015 and Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2015. Besides, KFT Facade was successful in clinching their very first overseas contract in Laos, Vientiane. With these achievements, the founders attribute much of their success to their team, for their contributions towards KFT Facade.

If someone were to ask about the difference between KFT Facade and its competitors, the founders indicated that it would be their vast experience. Possessing many years of experience in the developed market and getting involved with numerous projects in Singapore, we can safely say that KFT Facade is definitely in a much more favourable position, as compared to their competitors. In KFT Facade, they provide customers with cost-efficient designs which are easy to maintain. Adapting a fast and efficient working attitude in Singapore’s culture, this enables KFT Facade to be ahead of their regional peers.

The founders also shared their views on entrepreneurship. They expressed their thoughts that entrepreneurship symbolizes a journey of adventure. Entrepreneurs have to be clearly aware about the direction they want to proceed with. But, it does not mean that all entrepreneurs will be able to achieve their goals at the end of the day. To put it succinctly, the main message which founders of KFT Facade wanted to convey is, “The journey itself holds the treasure.” They felt that it is a must for entrepreneurs have a unique intuition, recognizing the difference among people in the society and having a clear understanding of individual’s strengths. Such qualities are very beneficial towards entrepreneurs if they want to succeed in running their businesses.

Moving forward, the founders are anticipating for KFT Facade to grow and progress from strength to strength, stretching across the entire South East Asia as well as globally. Their main focus for the next two years will be on establishing KFT Facade in two other overseas locations, mainly Vientiane which is the capital of Laos and the largest city of Myanmar, Yangon.

With rich experience and persevering attitude towards challenges which come along the way, it is not hard to see how the founders have led the company to the success they enjoy today. Under their leadership, there is no doubt that KFT Facade (S) Pte Ltd will definitely go on to accumulate even more success in the years ahead!

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