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Mr. Rames Maripan

Since ancient civilization, security personnel has played a big role in the safeguarding of valuable items and people by providing a physical presence to guard, protect and deter various events, such as theft and vandalism. In modern times, their roles continue to be just as pronounced, and security measures are common everywhere from places like school grounds to company properties.

Established in 2002, and under its current management since 2011, Crete Security Services Pte Ltd specializes in security solutions for various industry sectors. Not only do they provide highly trained security officers for their clients, Crete Security also provide other services such as the installation of security systems, as well as Private Investigators (PI) for companies and individuals who may need the help of a agent.

In 2011, the company was on the verge of going bust, and that was the moment when Mr. Rames Maripan, the current Managing Director of Crete Security, began his association with the company. He explained how it all started, “It was simply an opportunity chanced upon. I was in the marine sector, and four years ago, I was looking to expand and seek out new business opportunities. Someone actually offered me to take over this business as it was going bust. Being in the manpower industry all my life, I decided to take a chance at it.”

As with every new venture, it comes with its own challenges. Even more so for Rames Maripan, who had to find a way to revive a struggling security company, he shared, “Initially when we first took over, we relied solely on the previous Managing Director. However, we come to realize that, if he had led the company to such a stage of operations in the first place, he must have been doing it wrong. I then decided to run the operations myself.”

“When I first took over in 2011, everything was in a mess, and the levies and salaries were not paid for months. This meant that the confidence from the officers and employees were really low. There were also other difficulties such as manpower constraints, and issues with our cash flow as well.”

To overcome these challenges, Rames Maripan sought to educate himself in the industry, and to take steps to ensure Crete Security stands out amongst the rest in the industry. He said, “To be in this industry, there are plenty of requirements you have to fulfill, for example, obtaining a diploma in this field. We also started paying our staff more, hired more relief officers, and looked for experts in the security industry to join my management team.”

“We aspire not to be a security company, but to be The Security Company. Although we may be short on manpower, our team will ensure that our client never feel the shortages on their end. We have strong bonding with all our clients, and we ensure that no matter what time it is, one of us will be there to monitor the situation.”

With Rames Maripan spearheading his group of talented team players through hard work and determination, Crete Security has been transformed into a reputable company in the security industry. Out of debt and trusted amongst their clients and associates, this is something that Rames Maripan considers a significant achievement during his time there.

An experienced entrepreneur even before he took over Crete Security, Rames Maripan knows what are the qualities needed to succeed in business. He said, “Discipline is very important. If there is no discipline, you cannot run a company. This was what was lacking under the previous management.” He then continued, “To be an entrepreneur, they need to be a leader, and to always do things the right way with honesty and integrity, as only an honest person can be a successful entrepreneur.”

With their business in Singapore stabilized, Rames Maripan and Crete Security are looking towards consolidating their success. When asked about their future plans, Rames Maripan said enthusiastically, “Yes! We will definitely expand, through means such as increasing our manpower, and strengthening the roots in our Singapore operations.”

“Our present strength is currently about 250 men, and within the next five years, we are looking forward to increase our numbers to 600-700 men. We are also looking for foreign investments, and new opportunities in other markets such as Malaysia and Australia.”

From a company in dire straits, it is certainly impressive that Rames Maripan has managed to build Crete Security into a company that is respective entity in the security industry. With his unwavering commitment, discipline and never say die attitude towards his work, Crete Security looks set to continue on their wave of success, and accumulate more prestige in the near future.

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