AverTek Enterprises Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Michael Lee

If you are brilliant and open minded, you could start on the top. In order to achieve such brilliance, an entrepreneur has to put faith in himself; the belief that he could attain something so substantial that their vision is beyond the present. Such a leading example is none other than Mr Michael Lee, leader of AverTek Enterprises.

Initiated in 2007, with just 5 employees, AverTek Enterprises; a stylized representation of Forever Technology, deal mainly in computer components and peripherals. The range of products includes a gamut of Asus motherboards, LED monitors and wireless products. “AverTek does not just serve the local market, we serve to countries beyond our homeland as well, to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar and throughout Asia as well.” Mr Lee added. The inception of AverTek Enterprises lies behind a forlorn story. Mr Lee was being phased out after working in the industry for more than 20 years preceding the initiation of AverTek Enterprises when his previous company decided to wind up.

“At my age, it was over. However, I did not choose to give up. I began having thoughts of capitalizing on my experience in the field, and familiarity with the trade.” Mr Lee ruminated. Never he once thought that such a conception would proliferate into something so infinite that it spans so vastly over multitudes of countries. Mr Lee began laying out the path to success with his expansive channels and contacts. “Customers from abroad already started purchasing from me for more than 5 years before starting out AverTek. These customers were willing to pay me in advance before the goods are delivered.” said Mr Lee; “It was very hard at the start.  However, nothing beats the trust and support your customers gives you when starting out a business. It’s a form of motivation to me.”

However, an entrepreneurship to come to realization comes at a hefty cost: Money. “Many fledgling companies often met forms of financial difficulties in one way or the other. It was the same for AverTek Enterprises.” Mr Lee commented upon AverTek Enterprises’ arduous start. Nevertheless, such a potent company prevailed under the scrutiny of the governmental body; AverTek Enterprises acquired a governmental loan and success is already advent for the company.

Mr Lee then elucidated how this exceptional proficiency came about. “In this line, it’s all about service. We prioritize our service as top priority.” Mr Lee adjourned. “We do understand that a customer’s peace of mind is a top priority. We do understand the point of view of consumers. We would help fix certain faulty products even if it is not bought from us. It is just a bit we could do within our means.” Such an ability to maximize the company’s potential for the satisfaction of customers had helped AverTek Enterprises garnered an endless, fervent support from clients; entrusting AverTek Enterprises in all their computing needs.

“Entrepreneurship is a form of survival in the market in my opinion. Only the strongest in the pack survives. This is why I see entrepreneurship as a challenge. It is a challenge to provide an opportunity for the people around you, but accomplish something great at the same time. The satisfaction derived from this beats anything.” Mr Lee dictated astutely. “My motivation comes from within. As entrepreneurship is a challenge, I like to push myself to meet these challenges. I will set my own goal every year as every year is different, and I will try to achieve it with all I can.” an ambitious entrepreneur, Mr Lee divulged.

Mr Lee also shed some light on how to be successful in an entrepreneurship. “You have to put all your heart and soul into your business. Get involved into everything, from sales, accounting, sourcing and the lot. Only if you are determined about your business, then you would succeed.” Mr Lee added on: “Sometimes starting from scratch is not a bad thing. It allows you to possess the lightness to learn everything. Do and get involve in every aspect of your company.”

AverTek Enterprises is currently in a phase of expansion, which shall see itself interjecting as a distributor to more countries worldwide. “Technology moves very fast. Being in the technological industry means that we have to move fast as well as the IT world is constantly growing. We have to keep growing and upgrading in order to meet demands.” an intuitive Mr Lee expounded. “We are looking forward to expand our services into large superstores such as Courts, Harvey Norman and Best Denki. We had succeeded in establishing as a supplier with Challenger, one of the biggest electronic superstores in Singapore. We believe we should be able to meet our goals in the next 5 years.”

Sometimes the awful tasting medicine is what the patient needs. When Mr Michael Lee was out from the industry after working for more than 20 years, when his prior company decided to wind up, Mr Lee did not chose to put down his conviction. At his most lugubrious part of his life, Mr Lee stood up from his altercation and built what could only be termed as an entrepreneurial success. Mr Lee’s determination is something which budding entrepreneurs can derive their success from.

Contact Details:
95 Kallang Avenue #03-00
ALS Industrial Building S(339420)
T| 6341 7839
F| 6341 7739
E| michael@avertek.com.sg

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