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King DaoName of Recipient:
Mr. Ang Say Chai

In 2006, King Dao Construction & Engineering was conceptualised on the back of Mr. Ang Say Chai’s extensive experience in the relevant industry prior to the founding of the company. King Dao focuses on providing services like process and industrial plant engineering, oil-field engineering, sewer construction, fabrication and piping works, water and gas pipeline.

A decade ago, Mr. Ang worked in the construction industry. Both the boss and manager admired Mr. Ang for his positive attitude towards work. As a result, they were very supportive and eventually encouraged him to venture out on his own, becoming a subcontractor. Therefore, Mr. Ang made up his mind and decided to set up King Dao in 2006, focusing on oil and gas industries. He also added that he is very thankful towards the people around him, for giving him the opportunities to establish a company of his own.

Starting a business definitely involves challenges and obstacles coming along the way. For Mr. Ang’s situation, finding appropriate and suitable employees to work for him was the main issue which he encountered when King Dao first began its operations. In fact, there was a large number of candidates for Mr. Ang to select from. However, he needed to hire employees who were skilful and had rich knowledge about this industry. Such employees were hard to find, making things tough for Mr. Ang. Despite the difficulties, Mr. Ang and his team continued to deliver their word to clients, paying extra attention on quality work and service.

To gain an advantage in the industry over their competitors, Mr. Ang told us that King Dao concentrates on providing quality services. He ensures that they always deliver work on time for their customers, instead of delaying it. By doing so, it makes customers feel that they are treated sincerely, hence helping King Dao to build up their reputation. Most importantly, King Dao provides the best and most bargainous services in this industry. The above-mentioned factors explain why King Dao is able to stay ahead of its competitors.

In Mr. Ang’s opinion, his main source of motivation and inspiration comes from his team of employees. For instance, his accountant assisted him in managing and organising many documents. Mr. Ang and his employees have a close relationship, so much so that he treats them as his friends. Seeing that they are putting in their hearts and souls into their work, it makes Mr. Ang feel fortunate and happy to have friends who have worked with him for such a long period of time. Together with such a capable team, there is no doubt that Mr. Ang will be able to overcome the various challenges which King Dao may face in the near future.

When it comes to qualities for an individual to succeed in running a business, Mr. Ang emphasized that no matter what everyone is doing, it is only right if we were to do it to our best. He said that it is essential to give our very best to customers, even though it may seems impossible to satisfy each and every single one of them. Being entrepreneurs, Mr. Ang highlighted on the importance of building up the relationship with employees. It is certainly appropriate for the boss to give salaries on time. Meanwhile, it is necessary for the employer to often communicate with his workers, understanding about their views and feelings.

Almost ten years into the business, King Dao is still going strong. Rejuvenated with no hint of slowing down, Mr. Ang’s aim is to remain this way. His intention is to maintain the same high standards of service the company has always provided in the past years, and at the same time, to be able to grow with King Dao’s clients to new heights.

With meritorious results and a polished leader at its forefront, King Dao Construction & Engineering has improved leaps and bounds since their inception. With a clear plan of action ahead, it is positive that the company will continue to prosper and grow.

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