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Ms. Iris Lim

The word ‘lifestyle’ in business refers to a medium which advertisers and marketers undertake to target and match consumers’ expectations with products, or to create aspirations relevant to new products. Characteristics of a lifestyle depend on several aspects such as economic levels, moral standards, tastes, habits, attitudes and many more.

Lifestyle products can be interpreted in various ways. They focus on stimulating emotional connection between a consumer’s demographics and his desire to associate himself with a certain style of life. Lifestyle products are more than just necessities. They symbolize a culture, convey a statement, evoking a wish to lead the lifestyle they are epitomizing in mind of consumers.

Back in 2009, Luvmesweet Pte Ltd started off their business, mainly selling herbal tea to their customers. However, due to the need to fit into Singapore market, Luvmesweet went for a change, concentrating on selling lifestyle products. Such products include unique penholders and winsome pendants which are impressive works of Luvmesweet’s designer, Mr. Lee.

Director of Luvmesweet, Ms. Lim explained to us the meaning behind the name of the company. ‘Luvmesweet’ can also be referred as ‘爱美甜’ in Mandarin. Ms. Lim feels that this name works and goes along well with lifestyle, thus in line with the type of products which the company is doing.

With regards to running a business, Ms. Lim told us that she had 20 years of experience. From there, Mr. Lee whom Ms. Lim has been friends with for a long period of time, approached and asked her if she is interested to be his business partner. Therefore, when an opportunity to set up Luvmesweet came along, Ms. Lim was sure that she had to grab hold of it. Together, their collaboration gave rise to Luvmesweet Pte Ltd.

Ms. Lim is no different from other fresh entrepreneurs who faced difficulties when the company first started. Initially when Luvmesweet was still doing the sales of herbal tea as their core business, Ms. Lim met a number of challenges. Being a newly established company, she had to source for customers. Other than that, she also took time out to travel down to medical halls, searching for the resources needed. Today, Luvmesweet has stayed strong in the industry, despite the challenges they have encountered, and Ms. Lim credits much of Luvmesweet’s success today to her capable team’s contributions.

To make sure they stay head and shoulders ahead of their competitors, Ms. Lim ensures that their products are one of a kind, having exclusive ranges. For example, their penholders are made up of a special design, whereby it has two usages. At the front, it is able to hold pens and pencils. On the other side, flower tubes are placed. Something different about Luvmesweet is that they have their very own in-house designer. As a result, their products are unique and distinctive. Moreover, Mr. Lee has a preference for bright colours. He strongly believes that objects with bright colours have the abilities to help everyone develop positive vibes. This explains why Luvmesweet’s products tend to stand out among its competitors.

As Ms. Lim looks back on her entrepreneurial journey, she highlighted that patience and attitude are the key factors to success. Patience also means that businessmen should work hard and persevere, regardless of obstacles. To Ms. Lim, it is essential for entrepreneurs to adopt the right attitude towards work. For instance, they have to know their companies well. To be able to do so, entrepreneurs need to spend time to understand more about their products. Ms. Lim added that with those qualities mentioned, it is no doubt that their companies will attain success in the foreseeable future.

Moving forward, Ms. Lim has a number of plans for the company. First of all, she views brand recognition as an important asset of the company. It helps to promote Luvmesweet as well as their products internationally. So as to attain brand recognition, Ms. Lim is considering to expand Luvmesweet globally.

With their proactive attitude towards bringing in the best for their business, we are confident that Ms. Lim and Mr. Lee will continue to make Luvmesweet a prominent name in the industry!

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