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Mr. Lim Swee Lam

As standards of living continually improve in the 21st century, higher standards of storage and handling facilities are mandated. The surge of demand for cold storages is prominent amongst companies in the Food and Beverage industries such as seafood wholesales, distributors, mongers, restaurants and hotels. This rapid growth is aided by advancement of Singapore’s economy. In addition, the recent introduction of the life science sector as pharmaceutical and chemical companies rely strongly on the liability and stability of storage conditions. Hence, improvements in refrigeration technology, advanced and efficient refrigeration plants are sought after in the industry. Refrigeration companies are also looking into computer-aided control solutions to improve standards of storage.

Metraco Refrigeration Engineering Pte Ltd deals with all kind of cold storages, and specializes on design, installation, maintenance and service of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. It provides a diverse range of products; from refrigerated containers, flake-ice making equipment, blast freezers to chilled water supply systems for food production and processing facilities.

As Mr. Lim Swee Lam, the man behind this brand, explained, “The company’s name, ‘Metraco’ is a combination of four words, ‘Mechanical’, ‘Engineering’, ‘Trading’, and ‘Company’.” The strict emphasis of providing one stop engineering solution has made Metraco to be one of the pioneers of the refrigeration trade in Singapore.

When Metraco started its operation in 1994, Mr. Lim had a few obstacles headed his way. As the company was a new startup, it was onerous to source and approach any potential customers. Furthermore, the company did not have adequate funds. Hence, the onus was on Mr. Lim and his partner to keep the business going.

Another major stepping-stone was his lack of experience as a company stakeholder. Mr. Lim started his career as an employee in his previous company. When he made the switch to be an employer, he took on the full responsibilities of the company, including staff welfare, quality of products and services, company’s profit and earnings. He had to learn the ropes quickly. Under exposure and interaction with different people in the trade such as end users, suppliers, contractors, consultant engineers and authority bodies, his wealth of experience expanded, which eventually led to his success.

Mr. Lim and his partner worked diligently to build the company’s reputation. By treating their clients with sincerity, Metraco soon found their footing in the industry. Clients were returning for its quality services, and rapport was painstakingly built.

Mr. Lim is pleased to say that the success of Metraco is one of his proudest achievements. To date, even companies from dissimilar industries are approaching Metraco for its services. The list of its clientele includes exclusive clubs, supermarkets, hotels, fast food outlets, restaurants, government organizations, food storages and processing factories.

“Metraco differentiates itself from other competitors by focusing on customer service,” said Mr. Lim. He strongly believes that the service he provides has to satisfy every customer and ensure efficiency by putting in his best efforts to resolve any problems that they encounter.

During his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Lim has learnt much about what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. Firstly, he is a strong advocate for life-long learning; the skills needed to communicate with customers and understand the importance of treating customers sincerely are essential for success. Secondly, the management of his team of employees is pivotal for keeping the company prosperous. An entrepreneur should be able to delegate responsibilities and duties and leverage on the strengths of his staff.

Even with the success of Metraco Refrigeration Engineering Pte Ltd, Mr. Lim has never gotten complacent or taken anything for granted. As he stands tall with both feet on the ground, his story is undoubtedly an inspiration for both potential and veteran entrepreneurs.

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