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Mr. Anthony Lau
Ms. Jessy Han

Meritocracy is one of the important tenets of Singaporean values. It underscores the idea that success is dictated by hard work. Thus, many parents would want their children to succeed in many areas and the academic arena is one of them. With Singapore being a meritocratic society, it has thus become an important task for parents to ensure that their children achieve good academic grades. As a result, the tuition industry in Singapore is a thriving one, where students frequent to catch up on their schoolwork and ensure their grades stay up to scratch.

Nestled in Jurong West, Achievers Journey Tuition Centre offers English, Mathematics and Science tuition subjects for the Primary and Secondary level. They pride themselves on being an exam-geared tuition centre. Students are well-prepared for their examinations, as the teachers at the centre are experienced in teaching the syllabus and topics used in schools.

Their competitive edge is their specialisation in the core subjects for Primary School level, namely English Language and Mathematics. Mdm Han’s forte lies in engaging students to think creatively, unleashing their potential in drafting complex and interesting English essays with unique plots – with twists and suspense – in order to make their essays enthralling.

Established in 2011 by husband-and-wife team Anthony Lau and Jessy Han, Achievers Journey Tuition Centre is truly a fruit of labour for its founders. The idea to start a tuition centre came up after Jessy received good reviews while working as a part time tuition teacher. Recognising this as a golden opportunity to fulfill her passion in teaching, Jessy left her full time job to start up a tuition centre with Anthony.

The initial period was fraught with challenges for Achievers Journey such as dealing with limited resources, an inconvenient location and the opening of the centre between school terms. According to Anthony, when they first started their business, it was the period when students were preparing for their Semestral Assessment 2 (SA2) examinations, and many parents were unwilling to make changes to their children’s tutors.

However, Jessy strongly believed that Achievers Journey’s pedagogical standard would drive interest and improve their business in time to come, hence resisted marketing or advertising. Instead, she dedicated herself to teaching the students well and relied on word of mouth recommendation for her business.

While Jessy is confident about her teaching ability, she worried about Anthony being able to juggle his duties at the centre, on top of his full-time job. Additionally, they faced a steep learning curve, as they had to learn operation and management skills from scratch. To cut costs in the beginning, they also had to do many of the design and renovation works in the centre themselves, spending great time and effort on the business.

“In the end, we know that, if we deliver what we promise, we will gain the confidence of our customers.” Jessy said. Finally, their hard work paid off. It did not take long before Jessy and Anthony started getting enquiries from eager parents waiting to enrol their children at Achievers Journey.

In fact, the response from parents was so good that the centre, which initially started as an English tuition centre, started to offer Mathematics and Science classes to their curriculum.

Achievers Journey Tuition Centre is unique because the centre believes in a few core values. Firstly, their expertise lies in the English language. Secondly, the founders believe in providing their students a homely and conducive environment to learn. Lastly, the centre believes in equipping students with news around the world, to increase their awareness and general knowledge. Newspaper articles relating to the lesson themes are used to teach students to make use of the strong vocabulary in the news articles, to write a better composition.

No doubt, being an educator and entrepreneur is not an easy task. However, Anthony and Jessy have taken on the role with much grace and they share with us what the entrepreneurial spirit means to them.

For Anthony, human resource and management skills are important. “As an entrepreneur, we have to value our employees who are the teachers. By teaching them the right way to approach students and teach a class, it can benefit them as well. Getting the right personnel with the right personality to nurture the next generation is one of the most important aspects for us.”

Jessy and Anthony agree in unison that risk-taking is one of the key traits of being an entrepreneur. Jessy highlights that the trademark of many entrepreneurs lies in their willingness to take risks while pursuing their dreams with dedication and ambition.

Having built up some success for themselves, Anthony and Jessy are eager to continue to provide quality tuition services for their students. Achievers Journey is clearly primed for bigger things as Jessy mentions that the centre may be expanding their curriculum to provide more classes for secondary school children on top of their primary level programmes.

With their team of committed teachers, and many satisfied students and parents, Achievers Journey has achieved a lot in their four years in the tuition industry. Undoubtedly, with Anthony and Jessy’s guidance, the centre will continue to be positioned to accumulate even more prestige in the coming years.

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