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Thiam Chye EngineeringName of Recipient:
Mr. Lor Chun Sheng

The success of Thiam Chye Engineering today is built upon hard work of the previous generation. When it first started as a family business in 2003, it focused mainly on car repair works. Adapting to the changing business landscape, the company now specializes in the manufacturing and sales of motor vehicle bodies, industrial containers, trailers and semi-trailers.

The company also provides building construction works, pressing and cutting services, where its products and services can be customized accordingly to customers’ needs.

At the helm is Director, Mr. Lor Chun Sheng, who started off as an apprentice at a young age of 12 with strong interest in metal works. His passion for the industry has paved its way and he has now realized his dream of running his own business.

With close to 40 years of industry experience, Mr. Lor believes in being humble, adopting a can-do attitude, and be ever ready to respond to changing demands. Technology is constantly evolving and improving, so when he took over the company in 1998, he saw the need for diversification.

Instead of focusing solely on car repair works, he expanded the scope of services to include metal production. In 2010, Thiam Chye further streamlined and focused on manufacturing of products.

Thiam Chye emphasizes on providing quality products to customers. Mr. Lor strongly believes that by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, it establishes a good reputation for the company. This business principle is one of the reasons why there are many satisfied returning customers of Thiam Chye’s products and services.

On top of delivering high quality products and services, Thiam Chye also places strong emphasis on a safe work environment. It was awarded with bizSAFE Level 3 certification and received the bizSAFE Enterprise Progressive Awards in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

The growth and progress of Thiam Chye always serves as a form of motivation and encouragement for Mr. Lor to work harder and to give his best to the company. He expressed that success requires consistent hard work, getting your hands dirty under the hot sun and a good team.

Looking back at the journey, Mr. Lor could not be more proud of the company. He also shares the credits of the company’s success to many. One of them is his brother, Mr. Lor Zong Ju, whom he works hand-in-hand with to ensure that the daily business operation is at its optimum. Another is his team of workers, whom Mr. Lor constantly and readily shares his skills and knowledge with to ensure that the manufactured products are of best quality.

From the business aspect, Mr. Lor highlighted that entrepreneurs have to be sincere, regardless towards employees or customers. It is also of their responsibility to ensure the quality of their products and services. Mr. Lor views entrepreneurship as an opportunity and space for him to explore and do things which others may not. This allows him to derive a great sense of fulfilment.

Within the next few years, Mr. Lor has plans for business expansion to overseas markets. With long-sighted goals in view and sheer tenacity, Mr. Lor and his team are committed to Thiam Chye’s advancement in both domestic and global markets.

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