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XQ StudioName of Recipient:
Mr. Harry Low

Founded in 2008 and later renamed to XQ Studio Pte Ltd in 2014, the firm deals with brand management and gift solutions for both personal and corporate purposes. Its name ‘XQ’ is a representation of the word ‘exquisite’, which is in line with the company’s unique products and designs.

In XQ Studio, they are dedicated to develop and distribute brands, which consistently please their partners and clients. Their wide array of brands serves to suit all occasions and corporate campaigns. The merchandises are selected with care and is not only aesthetically attractive but also practical to use.

Their corporate premium division aims to create the best gifts to all gifting needs and events through their brands, product designs and customization capabilities. The team at XQ Studio is committed to guide every client through their collections and ensure that their order is tailored to suit their corporate identity and meet the budget requirements.  Today, due to XQ Studio’s due diligence, the company has become the authorised premium gifts vendor for many prestigious companies including British Airways Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

XQ Studio started out with one man’s dream to share his alluring designs with people from all walks of life. The company’s founder, Harry Low, mentioned that he has always enjoyed arts and craft since he was a young child. As he got older, it eventually evolved into a business management of products that incorporates beautiful designs.

Although being a boss of his own means that he would have to be held responsible for many things, Harry is passionate about his work and is determined to achieve greater things for XQ Studio. In fact, the company has successfully reached out to several retail brands to enter the market in Southeast Asia despite starting out as a small corporation.

When asked about the company’s achievements, Harry said that being able to create a platform for his team to freely express themselves is one of his proudest accomplishments. He added, “With this in place, it helps my employees to grow their various talents and passions. Feeling them engrossed in their mission is truly inspiring.”

Being a small sized company, there were many difficulties that Harry and his team faced throughout the years. Like many other small medium enterprises in Singapore, XQ Studio encountered a financial crunch during the early years. Furthermore, competition in this particular industry is tight, making it challenging for the company to stand out in the market.

Recent events such as the air disasters and weaker retail sentiments have also affected the business volume across the industry. Customers are tightening their belts and are becoming more careful with regards to their spending.

It is inevitable that everybody would meet a stumbling block in his or her lives. However, that did not deter Harry from chasing his dreams. Businesses are always evolving but he strongly believes that challenges are tests to strengthen one’s self. Harry’s resilience has led him to overcome every impediment that the company has bumped into thus far.

According to Harry, what set the company apart from the rest of its competitors is XQ Studio’s personalized services, unmatched knowledge and the quality of their gifts. In the past, Harry recalled focusing more on sales volume over customer service. However, he soon figured that providing the best for the company’s clients takes precedence. By doing so, he saw larger numbers in sales and more customers who chose them for a long period of time.

With years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Harry expressed his thoughts on what it means to administer your own business. “To me, entrepreneurship is to serve everyone, be it my employees or clients, with a good heart. It is also a way to distinguish my brand from other companies as excellent services to customers makes them happy.”

Harry also spoke about his role model, Henry Ford, a well-known businessman. He said, “Henry Ford inspires and motivates me because his vision and wisdom is second to none in the business world.” Nevertheless, with perseverance and hard work comes fruition. Through the trials and errors, the entrepreneur today had learnt many lessons, which helped him reached the top.

The next five years will be very exciting, for the company has many plans in mind. With more new entrants in the market, XQ Studio is bound to meet more obstacles, as competition between companies will become more heated. They are also looking to increase their export sales and develop their products to create awareness in the global market.

For the past eight years, Harry has made a salient name for himself and XQ Studio. With so much devotion for improvement, the company is sure to attain greater success in the future.

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