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GVTNames of Recipients:
Mr. Julian Ng
Mr. Tan Chun Siong
Mr. Ricky Lee
Mr. SW Kong
Mr. Y.H Saw

An entrepreneur’s world is endless. If you can dream it, you can do it. Success takes time to attain, but for Mr. Julian Ng and his business partners, success is conceived under the ramifications of dreaming big. This has propelled Grand Venture Technology Pte Ltd to establish its prominence in the industry.

Grand Venture Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of highly complex machining, sheet metal components for analytical, industrial automation, semiconductor, and electronics industries. Having expertise in precision machining, complex sheet metal manufacturing, prototyping, program management, value engineering, supply chain management and modular assembly, Grand Venture Technology aims to provide manufacturing services which enable customers to quickly and efficiently bring their products into the market, at a lower cost.

Doubtlessly, every business is fraught with problems in the beginning. The same applies for Grand Venture Technology. Julian went on to further elaborate on the hitches, “We had difficulties in recruiting people to our company as most Singaporeans were not really keen in working in the precision engineering sector.” Being a newly established company with no proven track records, it was equally difficult for Grand Venture Technology to source for clients. Nonetheless, with their vast experience in this trading business, Julian and his business partners managed to convince several customers.

Despite facing a handful of obstacles, Julian and his business partners has their own ways to make sure that Grand Venture Technology is able to persevere through. He explained, “We focus on working closely with our customers, making sure that they are happy and satisfied with our service provided. We work tirelessly, so as to be certain that our products are able to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Upon reflecting about his company’s accomplishments thus far, Julian commented, “As of yet, we may not have achieved our desired goal. But, we have embarked on major projects and succeeded in them. We have also dealt with multi-national companies which provided ample opportunities for us to expand and grow.”

To Julian, his family has been his pillar of strength throughout his entrepreneurial journey. “Without my family’s support, I would not have achieved this much. Family means a lot to me,” he said with a smile. This suggests the sense of importance family has in Julian’s heart.

With fast-moving industries and a higher competitive market in Singapore, it is vital for companies to have an edge, so as to not fall behind their competitors. Grand Venture Technology, being one of the leading engineering organization, they have taken part in various prestigious projects. Such experiences aid Grand venture Technology in ensuring that their clients are served with the best.

To be a successful entrepreneur, there are a number of prominent traits which individuals need to possess. According to Julian, he emphasized that an entrepreneur needs to be passionate, hardworking and able to make sacrifices. In addition, Julian also highlighted that the ability to make tough decisions is critical in obtaining great success in the business world.

In order to cater to a greater variety of customers, the company is looking forward to expand their factory. Besides that, Julian and his business partners also has plans to widen their services overseas to areas such as China. He added that Grand Venture Technology is constantly looking out for either a merger or acquisition to enlarge their service scope and also to enhance their capabilities.

Through Julian’s entrepreneurial journey, we can depict that he is a confident entrepreneur imbued with strength and determination to succeed, despite the odds. With Julian and his business partners at the fore, Grand Venture Technology Pte Ltd is sure to attain greater heights in the years to come.

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