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Mr. Andy Chan

Building construction refers to the techniques and industry involved in the assembly and erection of structures, primarily those used to provide shelter. It began with the practical need for a controlled environment to dwindle the effects of climate. Constructed shelters are the main reasons behind why human beings were able to accustom themselves to a medley of climates.

Back in 1995, BA Contracts Pte Ltd was established to specialize in supplying and installing of interlocking concrete pavers and clay jacking pipes. They provide construction materials for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Other than that, BA Contracts has an in-house team of specialists for installation works, so as to provide quality workmanship. In addition, they perform design work for submissions to architects and building owners. For the past two decades, BA Contracts have been working on a wide variety of projects, ranging from schools to HDB developments and commercial developments.

Director of BA Contracts, Mr. Andy Chan told us that he had an interest in buildings and constructions since he was a child. After Andy had completed his national service, he went on to work in a construction firm for 22 years. Throughout that period, he worked as a manager of the company for 15 long years. Such experience allowed Andy to gain ample knowledge and skills about this industry. As a result, Andy wanted to challenge and further improve himself, moving on to greater things. With that mindset, Andy joined BA Contracts as sales director of the company’s paver division and in recent years, he was invited to participate in the equity of the company as a shareholder.

It is a norm for businessmen to face ups and downs through their entrepreneurial journey. When BA Contracts was newly established, a number of challenges came along. These include the “sand crisis” and high turnover rate. Andy further explained that there was a time when Indonesia did not allow their sand to be imported to Singapore. Just like what Andy had mentioned, the construction industry does not have a lot of sand, thus it was a big hit to them. Having high turnover rate was another challenge which Andy faced. It was onerous for him to find and hire suitable workers.

To solve these problems, Andy approached alternative sources to look for other sand suppliers in Malaysia. As for turnover rate, Andy’s strategy is to encourage his team of employees to work and cooperate with each other, sharing hardships and happiness together as a family.

Upon spending 20 years with BA Contracts, Andy expressed that he is very happy for being able to clinch large contracts, such as HDB projects which are the biggest constructions in Singapore. Moreover, Andy is proud to tell us that BA Contracts is a longstanding firm in the industry, due to the fact that it is able to stand firmly on its own for such a long period of time.

As the market gets more and more competitive nowadays, many companies are seeing the need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For BA Contracts, Andy chose to focus mainly on providing the best customer service. They ensure that the delivery of materials is made on time. If an on-site hiccup occurs, Andy will personally handle the case in person and rectify the defects. After providing their services to customers, BA Contracts will still continue to keep in touch and maintain good relationships with them, building good rapport among one another. These are some simple things which are sufficient to make BA Contracts stand out among its competitors.

Based on his years of experience, Andy is more than willing to give advice to fresh entrepreneurs who have just set up their own businesses. He strongly believes that businessmen need to be trustworthy, sincere and hardworking. Andy also added that it is an advantage for entrepreneurs to have knowledge of the industry which they are in. This helps them to clearly understand their trade and jobs, thus enabling customers to feel safe approaching them for their services.

Within the next five years, BA Contracts is looking forward to purchase a bigger office and warehouse. Adding on, BA Contracts is intending to hire more employees to increase its manpower. Most importantly, BA Contracts will be bringing in new products to Singapore, so that they get to serve more customers, satisfying their needs.

Clearly, BA Contracts is the success that it is today because of perseverance and hard work. With committed leadership and clear goals, Andy and his team will no doubt achieve even greater success for BA Contracts Pte Ltd in the coming years!

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