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Mr. Wayne Wang

Importing and exporting are key components for many remunerative businesses. International shipping could bring in great business opportunities for you, but it may also seem daunting. The paperwork, processes, and regulations involved in international trade appear to be intimidating. However, with the help of a freight forwarder, you need not fret about those troublesome processes that you have to go through.

Founded by Mr. Wayne Wang, Worldway Express Pte Ltd specializes in providing air, sea and land transportation. On top of that, it also provides storage warehousing to customers. The company is recognized as a trusted brand as well as a specialist in the freight forwarding industry.

Worldway Express aims to establish rapport with its customers, providing personalized logistic services tailored to their requirements. The company have been long standing in the market for almost 14 years and its prominence in the industry has been deep-rooted.

Encouraged by his family and friends, Mr. Wayne Wang came to a decision to embark on establishing Worldway Express Pte Ltd in 2001. Prior to this establishment, he was working in the shipping industry for eight years. Throughout his working experience, Mr. Wayne gained exposure and built his own customer base, in which had further prepared him to face upcoming challenges in the business world.

With substantial knowledge and skills in the shipping business, Mr. Wayne believed that he has the capabilities to venture on his own. Realizing the prospects of freight forwarding business, Mr. Wayne was adamant and passionate to carve out a career for himself.

Despite Worldway Express’s prominence in the industry, setbacks are inevitably met. When met with hitches, Worldway Express did not face them with apprehension. There were past events that impacted the economy, such as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak and the 9/11 attack. Mr. Wayne mentioned, “We have weathered countless storms, but we choose to view problems as challenges which serve to teach us valuable lessons, instead of treating them as setbacks.”

To overcome these challenges, Worldway Express joined venture with overseas companies. By doing so, Worldway Express is able to increase their profits and establish their credibility. In addition, they have also expanded their business in China with five branches in total. Such arrangements contributed to the company’s profits and growth.

Mr. Wayne accredits his success to the support he received from his clients, partners and importantly, to his loyal employees. They have been his pillar of strength all this while. “Without their support, I would not have achieved much on my own. Being patient and having a focused goal in mind, success will be within a touching distance,” he said thankfully.

To his loyal employees who have played an integral role towards Worldway Express’s success, Mr. Wayne expressed his heartfelt thanks. Additionally, he is more than grateful to his loyal customers who have provided him with their unwavering support over the years.

Being in a competitive industry, Mr. Wayne is aware that he needs to be distinctive, in order to stand out among other competitors. He went on to explain further, “We focus on providing personalized service to our customers to meet their expectations. Our staffs are highly skilled and trained to ensure that the customers’ satisfactions are achieved.”

When quizzed on his thoughts of entrepreneurship, Mr. Wayne gave his advices, “Do things with passion and drive. Success comes with a price. Great effort and hard work has to be put in for dreams to materialize.”

In the matter of future plans, Mr. Wayne has the intention to increase their presence in the shipping industry by expanding local logistics services. Other than that, there are definitely more expansion plans in the pipeline.

Mr. Wayne’s entrepreneurial success is the result of his determination and passion to strive for the best in everything. Not only that, being able to meet the high expectations of his clients and having a fervent passion towards his work are also Mr. Wayne’s keys to success.

With such an impressive and dedicated leader like Mr. Wayne leading Worldway Express Pte Ltd, we can imagine the distance which this dynamic company can go in the future!

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