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Mr. Jagit Singh

The world of transportation and logistics is a tough business. The middleman will oftentimes have to work within a tight timeframe to successfully complete a given project. One mistake within the process will likely come at a big price for every party involved.

Since 1992, the folks at Jeams Transportation and Trading have pledged to deliver quality services to their clients. Be it logistics, transportation or warehousing, Jeams intends to provide the best service to their customers at an affordable rate.

Founder Jagit Singh and his sister shared their experiences at the beginning. They said that the biggest challenges they faced at the start were cash flow and manpower.

Despite that, the siblings made use of their existing expertise in order to make the business work. Jagit started the business after having extensive training and experience working in the logistics service sector.

The duo created an organisational structure where they would specialise in the areas they are good at. More specifically, Jagit, who used to be in the logistics line, took charge of the groundwork of the company by continuing his line of work. As for his sister, she was tasked with human resource management, and also works to coordinate shipments.

Jeams runs a tight ship, and they always pledge to give their customers the best service. One example will be when they would personally deliver the goods to their customers. Jagit said: “At times, when the size of the products is small enough, we would hand carry them on a plane and deliver them personally to clients.” This move underpins the sincerity and dedication that Jeams have for their work and to their customers.

Jagit says that he is very fortunate to be able to have a good relationship with many of his clients, as they would refer their friends to his company.

Despite that, the company’s business suffered in 2009, after the collapse of Lehmann Brothers. However, the founders of Jeams refused to take on a pessimistic outlook on life but decided to adapt to the situation. They employed workers who are able to multi-task and have the ability to specialise in a few roles simultaneously. That strategy proved to be a success as it created a diverse workforce and business picked up.

The importance of organisation structure in a company is something that is highly valued at Jeams. Jagit explains that having a sound Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is extremely important. He adds that his team will be able to follow through with a project if customers send in their request by 5.30pm the previous day. It is by sticking to this structure that Jeams has been able to earn a reputation of being trustworthy and capable by their clients.

When asked about how Jeams stands out in the industry, Jagit answered that they are able to do a collection and delivery service within one hour. This is because the company has a few drivers across the island and will deploy a driver that is located nearest to the pick-up point. Furthermore, the team at Jeams also pride themselves on providing their premier services at an affordable rate.

According to Jagit’s sister, this has endeared Jeams to many of their clients, as they are able to provide not only efficient and reliable services, they are able to do so at an affordable rate.

The siblings expressed that they are extremely proud to still be able to be in the industry after more then twenty years. According to them, they attribute much of their success to their never-say-die attitude and the support of their customers.

Jagit also has his take on the topic of entrepreneurship. He believes in the statement – “struggle or surrender”. In a nutshell, he explains that the world of business is always going to be a struggle, from cash flow, to staffing, and to maintaining customer’s rapport. However, if one crumbles under the pressure, one will essentially have surrendered and will have lost the fight. Jeams refuse to adopt a pessimistic mind-set, as the entire team choose to continue to trudge forward even when faced with immense adversities.

At the end of it, both Jagit and his sister have the same passion for their work. They both cited their love for the business and willingness to take on new challenges as main reasons for their success. Jeams is able to perform at a high level of consistency because of those two reasons, and will only continue to do so because the company is fuelled by a passion to deliver the best for their clients.

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