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Mr. Ken Chua

For many individuals, it is their dream to become an entrepreneur. However, little do they know that being your own boss requires much perseverance, commitment and sacrifices. Mr. Ken Chua, founder of Evergreen 96 Design Construction Pte Ltd, is one such individual who has conquered the odds and brought about the success that he has today.

Founded in 2012, Evergreen 96 Design Construction Pte Ltd is a general contractor in the field of construction. Specializing in the renovation and construction for commercial buildings, residential areas as well as factories, the company is one of the rising names in the industry.

Armed with 20 years of experience in the trade of construction, it is no surprise that Mr. Ken Chua pursued his dreams and started a business of his own. The construction industry is vivacious, with many companies fighting for the top spot. Having said that, Mr. Ken Chua faced numerous challenges when the company first started its operations.

As a new firm, Evergreen 96 Design Construction encountered financial issues and a shortage of manpower. “The market is highly competitive and for a new company to step into the industry, there are high stakes as we had difficulties getting clients and winning their trust,” said Mr. Ken Chua. Furthermore, the increase in foreign levy was causing a strain in the corporation’s finances.

In order to overcome the adversity, Evergreen 96 Design Construction pride themselves on customer service, providing genuine advice to their clients. On top of delivering the best service for their customers, Evergreen 96 Design Construction has high regards for credibility and the quality of their work. The company also took up large scale projects, boosting the business and generating more profit. Foreigners were even employed to fill the manpower gap.

Gradually, referrals from clients came in, increasing the company’s clientele. With the team at Evergreen 96 Design Construction working diligently for results, the company soon found their footing in the business world of construction. To date, the company’s rise in prominence remains as one of Mr. Ken Chua’s proudest achievements.

Mr. Ken Chua urged that entrepreneurship is not about staying in the dogmas of other people. He asserted, “You have to be able to take risks and believe in what you are doing. Entrepreneurship is all about your passion and desire for the business and your willingness to tide over whatever impediments.”

As Evergreen 96 Design Construction continue to grow through the years, they have garnered many regular clients who trust in their services. This is an evident result of the hard work which Mr. Ken Chua and his team have put in to achieve what the company has become today. With their ever expanding clientele, it has become a source of motivation for the team to continue to excel in their job.

Talking about the traits of successful entrepreneurs, Mr. Ken Chua believes that having the skill to solve problems and being firm in making decisions will proper one to succeed in doing business.

Although Mr. Ken Chua has no big plans for expansion, he says that he will focus and continue to improve on the quality and service provided to customers before venturing into bigger projects. Mr. Ken Chua added, “We pride ourselves on the work that we do and provide genuine as well as practical advices and solutions to our customers, regardless if they are engaging our services or not.”

Evergreen 96 Design Construction’s success is saliently conceived mainly under the principle of perseverance and focus. Mr. Ken Chua shared, “It is very important to be focused in what you want and to overcome the difficulties that lies ahead.”

With only a few years in the industry, Evergreen 96 Design Construction has attained much success and endorsements from those who have benefitted from their services. It is duly evident that the company will continue to ascend and reach greater heights in time to come.

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