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Mr. Mervin Lim

In the past 20 years, technology has changed the nature of manufacturing. Before the amelioration of technology, people did all manufacturing and fabrication by hand. Now that computers and technology have penetrated the industry, automation has become a competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing world.

With automation, it allows companies to mass produce products at outstanding speeds and with great repeatability and quality. Gradually, automation is becoming a determining factor in whether or not a company will remain competitive within the manufacturing industry.

Bought over by Mr. Mervin Lim in 2008, Inventit Technology Pte Ltd is a company based in Singapore. It provides automation customisation, which includes assembling of robotic equipment with applications such as screw fastening, glue dispensing and a few other industrial automation applications. Furthermore, they provide services to many different industries, such as automotive, hard disk media, electronics, consumer products and medical.

When asked about the reason for venturing into this particular industry, Mervin shared that a good opportunity came along when the company he was previously working in decided to cease its operation. Therefore, having a strong passion for automation, Mervin made up his mind to take up the challenge, eventually setting up Inventit Technology.

Just like any other fresh entrepreneurs, Mervin faced certain challenges when he first came into this business. Other than cash flow, human capital was another main concern. As there was a change in ownership, employees were unsure if they wanted to stay and continue to work for Inventit Technology.

At the same time, Mervin stated that it was indeed challenging to search for good engineers, as well as, individuals who specialized in this industry. To tackle this issue, Mervin approached and recruited people from his previous employment. In addition, he employed a number of foreign talents to work under him.

After being in this industry for several years, Mervin mentioned that his proudest achievements to date are the sales achievement and his excellent team. Under Mervin’s leadership and guidance, it can be observed that there is a compounded growth in Inventit Technology’s sales revenue throughout these years.

He also added that he is very fortunate to have a capable team working with him. Thus, Mervin has been providing exceptional welfare, as a form of appreciation for their contributions towards the company. Seeing the rapid growth of his company, Mervin feels motivated to work even harder.

To Mervin, entrepreneurship symbolizes the sense of commitment he has towards the company. He further explained, “I believe that I can change the company around. I feel that I can manage the company well.” With such positive vibes instilled in Mervin, this clearly indicates why Inventit Technology is able to stably stand by itself for the past years.

Throughout these years, Inventit Technology has various ways of differentiating itself from competitors. Having a strong belief in the importance of quality and integrity, Mervin ensures that Inventit Technology delivers its promises. To Mervin, “promise” is a very important word. By being able to deliver what they have promised, Inventit Technology is able to gain the trust of their customers, thus building positive relationships with each other.

As the saying goes, “Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it”, being optimistic allows everyone to experience less stress, anxiety and uncertainty. This explains why individuals who are positive, tend to be performing much better, as compared to others. Thus, Mervin strongly emphasized on the importance of maintaining positive mindset and attitude, so as to be successful in his or her business.

As Inventit Technology progresses and strives forward for the next five years, Mervin hopes that they are able to carve out a significant presence for themselves in Asia Pacific. With such ideas in mind, they are planning to expand their business and venture into countries like Malaysia and Vietnam.

Their success so far is already a huge indication that we have not seen the last of Inventit Technology. Led by an optimistic and dedicated leader, Mervin, it is indubitable that Inventit Technology Pte Ltd will only move upwards from where it currently stands in the market, doing much better in the near future.

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