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STL AircondtioningNames of Recipients:
Ms. Shirley Soh
Mr. Tan Chee Hong

With the rising temperature in Singapore, it is a common practice for Singaporeans to utilize air-conditioners. Be it at home or at work, air-conditioners help us to combat the hot and humid weather as well as provide us comfort. Recognizing the demand for cooling services, Ms. Shirley and Mr. Chee Hong started STL Air Conditioning in 2013.

STL Air Conditioning is a one stop solution for air-conditioning services. Specializing in the maintenance, installation and troubleshooting of air-conditioners, the company has carved out a prominent name for themselves in the air-conditioning field.

Establishing STL Air Conditioning was a long and difficult journey. When the company first started, there was a shortage of manpower and sourcing for talented individuals was tough. Fortunately, Ms. Shirley and Mr. Chee Hong pressed on. Ms. Shirley shared, “There will be many ups and downs when you decide to venture into your own business. However, you must not give up easily so that you can progress.”

To set themselves apart from its competitors, STL Air Conditioning places their focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Apart from giving their best to their clients, they also offer promotions such as low prices to attract more customers. Meeting their clients’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction is STL Air Conditioning’s number one priority.

“Whenever our customers express their appreciation for our work, it makes us proud as it proves that we have accomplished our goal of meeting the needs of our customers,” Ms. Shirley said as she reflects on the company’s achievement. Also, the company’s slogan, ‘Think of aircon, think of us’, resonates well with their customers in mind.

In the years to come, the founders of STL Air Conditioning hopes to expand its operations. With that plan in mind, they have also sent several staff for courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. While it may not be the easiest task to stand out in the market, Ms. Shirley views the future positively and works hard to forge a stronger presence in the industry.

Being a relatively new corporation, there are still many challenges that the company may face in the future. Nevertheless, Ms. Shirley and Mr. Chee Hong are hopeful and determined to ensure that the success of their business continues.

When questioned about the essence of entrepreneurship, Ms. Shirley believes that an entrepreneur needs to be strong-willed and hardworking. She added, “To be able to know where and what you can improve on, you will have to sit through discussions and ensure that all feedbacks are heard.”

Under guidance and leadership of Ms. Shirley and Mr. Chee Hong, along with the help from their employees, the company has worked together and made a salient name for STL Air Conditioning. Furthermore, being awarded as one of Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise strongly exhibits the company’s capabilities.

The story of STL Air Conditioning is one that will inspire and motivate young individuals who are looking into start their own business. More importantly, their story speaks of hardships and challenges that has made Ms. Shirley and Mr. Chee Hong more resilient and resolute to scale onto greater heights for the company. Ms. Shirley ends off by saying that, “You have to be confident in your beliefs to be successful. If you do not believe in your dreams, then who will?”

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