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Yong HuaName of Recipient:
Mr. Lim Swee Yong

Engineering is a challenging field, relying heavily on math and other foundational sciences like physics, biology, and chemistry, regardless of the specialty you choose. Though engineers may work in widely differing areas, they do have something in common. It is a knack for solving problems. Engineers must think analytically, creatively, and critically. They need to troubleshoot issues as they arise. It is also essential for engineers to have a healthy dose of curiosity and desire to understand how things work. On top of that, they have to work well in teams and on individual research.

Established in 2007, Yong Hua Engineering is a company based in Singapore. Being a specialist sub-contractor, its main activities consist of plant maintenance work to tailor suit to clients’ requirements as well as the fabrication and installation of concrete batching plant. Yong Hua Engineering’s fabrication services include all types of pump skids and steel structures, mechanical fitting and installation, trading of mechanical and electrical parts, and lastly, general mechanical machining works.

Founder of Yong Hua Engineering, Mr. Lim Swee Yong started off to explain how he came up with a name for the company. Initially, two partners came together to set up the company. One of them is none other than Mr. Lim. After discussing, they decided to use a syllabus from each of their names. From there, they attained the name, ‘Yong Hua’ for the company.

At the young age of 20, Mr. Lim has been working in this industry. With such an extensive experience, this indicates that he has the abilities and skills to handle the requirement in the engineering industry. As a result, Mr. Lim made up his mind and took a step forward to venture on his own, setting up Yong Hua Engineering.

Indubitably, there are challenges in every business. For Yong Hua Engineering’s situation, the tightening of foreign employees has led to higher cost incurred. At the same time, it was difficult to find suitable workers as well. Adding on, the slowdown in the construction sector has drastically reduced business opportunities.

To tackle these problems, Mr. Lim sent his workers for courses, so as to reduce the levy. Besides, Mr. Lim expanded on the services provided by Yong Hua Engineering. For instance, the company now provides metal fabrication, which is a service they did not provide in the past.

Upon being in this industry for years, Mr. Lim is happy to share about his proudest achievements. He expressed his sense of accomplishment for setting up and commissioning a batching plant within two weeks, instead of the usual duration of four to five weeks. It was done along with on-site modification, according to client’s verbal instructions. He added that he is thankful and feels honoured to be able to receive the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award. This award serves as a form of recognition for his hard work and efforts that he has put in all this while.

When it comes to differentiation, Mr. Lim has his very own ways to make Yong Hua Engineering stand out from its competitors. Armed with years of experiences, Mr. Lim’s knowledge, skills and understanding for this industry allow the company to be value-added. Besides, the company has gained its reputation in setting quality batching plants within a tight time frame. Therefore, these factors mark the difference between Yong Hua Engineering and its competitors.

If an individual hopes to be successful in his or her business, Mr. Lim advised that he or she needs to be determined, enduring and persevering on even when the journey gets tough. Also, he highlighted that it is important to gain trust from family, employees and customers, receiving support from them.

In the foreseeable future, Mr. Lim is planning to focus on further expanding Yong Hua Engineering’s services. By doing so, they will be able to serve more customers, meeting and satisfying their needs. Along with that, Mr. Lim is intending to make a switch from manual work, whereby the company will be using more of machinery in time to come.

All in all, Mr Lim’s success is obviously well earned, as it shows that years of hard work and effort have paid off. With their expertise and experience, it is highly expected that Yong Hua Engineering will continue to thrive and blossom in this industry.

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Synergy @ KB, S(417800)
T| 6453 4528
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