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Mr. Kumar Perumal

The great sportswriter, Budd Schulberg once remarked, “As much as I love boxing, I hate it. And as much as I hate it, I love it.” Being an arduous sport, boxing is often used as a metaphor for life. Usually, young fighters who have been trained say that they have learnt many things about life while in the ring. Boxing requires the ability to move forward, take blows, and rise from the canvas. Definitely, it demands acute self-awareness and respect for others.

Established since 2014, King of Strength specializes in boxing training. It does not matter if you are interested to take up boxing for competitions, to tone up muscles or for weight loss. King of Strength provides customized programmes that meets and satisfy the needs of every member. These include self-defence classes, weight loss management, kids boxing classes, group and personal trainings. Members are able to choose to go along with the type of programmes which they feel more comfortable with.

When it comes to the name of the fitness centre, the founder of King of Strength, Mr. Kumar Perumal told us that he approached his brother, asking him suggest some names which might be appropriate for the fitness centre. Eventually, his brother came up with ‘King of Strength’. Similarly, Kumar felt that the name itself suits the culture for boxing. He added that it was also striking enough to attract others to join their centre. Therefore, he went along to use ‘King of Strength’ as the fitness centre’s name.

Currently, Kumar is taking up the role of head coach in King of Strength. Graduated with a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences, Kumar has attained an Advanced Boxing Trainer certification as well as a National Coaching Accreditation Programme certification. Above all, he has working experience as a personal trainer in a gym for two years. Being in the boxing industry for eight years, this explains Kumar’s strong passion towards the sport itself. This is also his main reason for setting up King of Strength.

Back in 2014, when Kumar came into this business, he came across several challenges and obstacles. Setting up a business is not an easy task, especially if you are young. Kumar was only 21 years old when he decided to start up his company. At such a young age, there is no doubt that capital fund is one of the challenges he faced. Adding on, Kumar also had a lack of support, as many did not agree with his decision to set up a business when he was still in his salad days. Despite all these problems, Kumar did not give in, feeling the urge to persevere through all obstacles.

Kumar’s motivation and inspiration mainly comes from his mother. He is proud to say that his mother is a confident and determined individual. With such good qualities instilled in her, she is someone whom Kumar looks up to. Kumar mentioned that there are always chances whereby he can learn from her, be it her attitude, character, or the way she handles problems. He is always thankful towards his mother for being so supportive in everything he does.

Upon sending his members to tournaments, Kumar expressed that he developed a sense of achievement. He added that a lot of effort has to be put in, training someone who knows nothing about boxing into an individual who is able to master boxing and take part in competitions. Seeing his members winning the tournaments is Kumar’s main source of satisfaction. Thus, being able to train and send his members to take part in such events is indeed Kumar’s proudest achievement of all.

To Kumar, every individual needs to put in hard work before he or she can be successful in business. He highlighted that it is also important to persevere, instead of giving up. Kumar said that even if we were to become successful in our businesses, we should still remain humble, having the determination to learn and further improve.

With regards to the future, Kumar has several plans for the fitness centre. He is intending to look for a bigger and better location for his centre, whereby it is more spacious. Eventually, this will allow him to have more members joining him. On the other hand, Kumar is also determined to turn King of Strength into one of the best fight clubs in Singapore.

Kumar has shown that nothing is impossible, as long as you put your heart and soul into it. With such an ambitious leader at the helm, it seems that nothing can stand in the way for King of Strength!

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