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Mr. N Sudarshan

Established in 2003, Lipotech Project Engineering Pte Ltd aims to provide the best consultancy, design, engineering and construction services for oil and fats, oleo chemicals as well as bio fuels for their clients.

The founder of Lipotech Project Engineering, Mr. N. Sudarshan, has been working in the engineering industry for 25 years. It has always been his dream to become an entrepreneur. Eventually, with the knowledge and experiences he gained while working at another firm, Mr. Sudarshan made up his mind to explore and venture into a business of his own. Thus, Lipotech Project Engineering was formed.

In the early stages, every business will be fraught with problems. Manpower crunch and financial difficulties were one of the challenges that Mr. Sudarshan faced. When Lipotech Project Engineering first began its operations, there were only a total of three employees. Mr. Sudarshan expressed his take on the challenges he went through, “We had a shortage of staff as there were few locals who were keen in taking up the job. Thus, we had to resort to hiring foreign workers.”

Instilled with positive vibes, Mr. Sudarshan strongly believes that challenges are beneficial towards his company. He views challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, thus leading Lipotech Project Engineering to a new route to success.

A few years after Lipotech Project Engineering started its operations, Mr. Sudarshan mentioned that he is glad to be given opportunities to handle overseas projects. This is one of his proudest achievements which gave him a strong sense of accomplishment. With that in mind, Mr. Sudarshan is motivated to put in more effort to establish business ties internationally, expanding their customer base.

A lot of the company’s success can be attributed to Mr. Sudarshan’s experience and observations throughout the years he worked in this industry. He told us that he is familiar with the work processes to lead his employees, ensuring that they are confident to handle larger scale projects. Furthermore, Mr. Sudarshan stated that the company is on constant change to adapt with the ever-changing marketing trends, so as to make sure that the clients’ expectations are met.

Driven by innovation, Mr. Sudarshan is constantly looking out for new ideas and technologies to ease the end users from their work. His passion and vision to cater and meet the needs of his clients have spurred Lipotech Engineering from strength to strength, propelling it to greater heights.

In today’s competitive market where customers are spoilt for choices, it is almost impossible to build a strong brand name without differentiation. Mr. Sudarshan shared about his company’s distinct stance in the engineering industry. With the use of innovative technologies that are imported from Europe and Japan, Lipotech Project Engineering provides world-class services to customers. Mr. Sudarshan also emphasized that the company believes in customers’ satisfaction. The philosophy to customers’ satisfaction is based on the belief to serve all customers’ needs.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Sudarshan believes that there are always rooms for improvement, highlighting on the importance of learning. He treats life as a learning experience, so that the ups and downs in life can shape him to be a resilient and hardworking individual. With his extensive experience in the industry, Mr. Sudarshan clearly understands and knows what it takes to be successful in business.

Additionally, he pointed out that disciplined and passionate individuals are definitely going to be successful in the future. Mr. Sudarshan further elaborated that in order to be at the top of the ladder, it is also important to be proactive in work.

Moving forward, plans for expansions are on the horizon. The increase of business activities has prompted them to establish two branches in Malaysia, ensuring that the customers’ requirements are met. In 2011, Lipotech further expanded into India and Indonesia to increase their business opportunities.

In this diversified world where change is the only constant, Lipotech Project Engineering continually seeks new ways to improve themselves for the betterment of service provision for its clients. With outstanding services provided by the company, it is unequivocal that Lipotech Engineering Pte Ltd will remain steadfast and hold its ground in the industry.

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