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George Benisan

There is no genius behind success. It is persistence and the ability to overcome challenges that makes an entrepreneur successful in a business. Success is also not immediate. Only with hard work and strength is one able to push business to achieve great heights. George and Gideon are fine examples of such instance.

Founded by George and Gideon in 2005, Waterwell Engineering is a prominent name in the industry. “Before starting up Waterwell Engineering, I was working in Malaysia and handling projects there. However, seeing the many opportunities that are available in Singapore, I decided to move here and venture into my own business,” said George.

With many competitors specializing in the same industry, it was no easy feat to carve out a reputable name for Waterwell Engineering. Nevertheless, such success could not be cultivated without encountering setbacks in the process, especially at the company’s early stage. Despite the shortage of manpower and tight finances, it did not deter them from doing well.

To fight the manpower crunch, George and Gideon offered higher salary to their employees, increasing their morale and reeling potential candidates to the company. As their staff numbers grew, it became easier for Waterwell Engineering as work was then distributed evenly. Only by keeping ahead of the challenge was Waterwell Engineering able to remain in the forefront.

When asked what sets them apart from the other engineering companies, George explains that being able to deliver the expectations of customers is something that must take precedence over anything else. By providing quality service to their clients and being highly knowledgeable and skilled in their works, it is clear that Waterwell Engineering stands apart from other competitors.

Additionally, George mentioned that as an entrepreneur, one must have the vision to be able to run a business. Without a clear vision, it is not possible to achieve success. For budding entrepreneurs, it is important to be innovative, creative and different from the rest to create and salient name for the company.

A good entrepreneur does not give in to challenges easily but persevere through the tides. Mr. George shared his thoughts on what it takes to be on the top, “Being successful in the business, an individual must be able to learn from mistakes and be willing to take risk and not regret about it.”

The company is already making plans for the future, with hopes to expand their operations by hiring more employees, especially those from Malaysia. George and Gideon, who believes in their staffs’ abilities to do well, have also decided to send their staff for trainings to be better equipped in operating the various machineries and tools.

Albeit having made losses in previous business dealings, George and Gideon have come this far in attaining the success which they have today. As one of the winners of this year’s Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award, it clearly displays the success of Waterwell Engineering.

“I am very proud of my well-trained staff as they have worked tirelessly as a team to make our business very successful,” George expressed. As it is evident, Waterwell Engineering is strong in team spirit, making the workplace a happy one to be in. With a joyful working environment, it increases productivity, benefitting the company as a whole.

When it comes to improvement, Waterwell Engineering is staunch about it. Both leaders are determined to improve and make Waterwell one of the leading names in the field of engineering. As technology continues to change, George mentioned that they will continue to alter their services to better suit their customers.

George and Gideon both agree that integrity is crucial in all business trades as it builds trust among customers and employees. Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, they have exhibited success and determination despite the odds. With so much devotion for self improvement, there is no doubt that a greater success is on the horizon for Waterwell Engineering.

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