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NedcomName of Recipient:
Mr. Nedumaran (Maran)

Nedcom Services Pte Ltd is an organisation that plies its trade in communications, specifically, the cabling and wiring industry. Mr. Nedumaran, who is known as Maran to his fellow associates and peers alike, founded the company back in 2003.

Prior to the founding of Nedcom, Maran was a long-serving employee with another company in the cabling industry. He embarked into the cabling line of work, as he wanted to be involved in an entrepreneurial company with growth potential which his previous company offered. With 18 years of experience in the trade under his belt and the numerous contacts he established in the industry, Maran decided to come out on his own and thus, the birth of Nedcom Services.

Nedcom focuses its trade mainly on wiring and cabling works for its core operations. Other types of services that the company provides include project management, assisting in office relocation, works related to AV systems, lightings and general electrical works.

The initial years after Nedcom was set-up proved to be truly testing times for Maran. Without any start-up capital, Maran had to rely heavily on his supporters. Putting their faith in him and seeing how much potential he possessed, they invested in Nedcom, and Maran remains ever so grateful up till this day.

Nedcom was largely a one-man-operation in its early years, with Maran handling numerous tasks and executing them to the best of his abilities. Even though he was single-handedly doing the jobs of a few individuals, Maran maintained a high standard in the quality of his work.

During large-scale projects where Maran could not single-handedly execute all the required tasks, he called upon his buddies to lend a helping hand. For this, Maran remains eternally grateful to them.

Subsequently, with an intense level of passion, dedication and commitment to his services, Maran soon won over the hearts of numerous clients – a bulk of whom remain loyal customers even till today.

Fast-forward 12 years to the present, and one will no longer find Maran juggling a host of tasks and executing a ‘one-man show’. These days, with Nedcom now an established company in the cabling industry, Maran has his own staff to assist him on his projects.  Never one to be complacent and a strong believer of leading by example, Maran makes it a point to join his staff on the ground, often personally handling many of the tasks himself.

To date, some of Nedcom’s notable clients include that of large multinational companies like DHL, Volkswagen and Komoco Motors. In addition, Maran is an individual who places heavy emphasis on building a rapport and maintaining good relationships with his clients. From the tea lady and the security guards to his clients, Maran shows no differentiation in his efforts to build good relations with all of them.

Nedcom sets itself apart from its competitors through various means. They make it a point to provide excellent after sales service to their clients, ensuring that whatever issues their clients may encounter after the completion of a project is swiftly solved.

Nedcom strives to deliver over and above what is expected of them, often going beyond the call of duty. The company has often absorbed additional costs for clients during projects as an act of goodwill to loyal customers.

In the future, Nedcom is looking at plans for expansion, largely on a regional scale. Maran is also planning to provide additional services to his clients. For example, services related to the provision of equipment for various events.

Interestingly enough, the name ‘Nedcom’ is derived from a combination of two words – firstly, Maran’s full name, Nedumaran, and the nature of Nedcom’s business, communications.

Maran tells us that his typical day at work starts at 9.00am with a check on e-mails and the making or returning of calls to his workers, suppliers and/or clients. Thereafter, the remainder of Maran’s day is broken into four main portions – visiting of work sites, meetings with clients, handling of administrative matters and lastly, the conducting of site surveys.

Maran leaves us with some words of advice for those who aspire to be an entrepreneur or boss of their own in the future. He tells us that hard work, humility, respect, loyalty, experience and attention to detail are some qualities that are vital for one to possess in order to succeed in running a business. Making a conscious effort to build rapport with one’s clients and putting in the effort to nurture and sustain the relationship are also key attributes that must not be overlooked.

A very capable yet humble leader, Maran helms Nedcom Services Pte Ltd. Under his directions and stewardship, greater things are undoubtedly looming in the pipelines for both Maran and Nedcom in the future.

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