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SeawaveNames of Recipients:
Mr. Ranny Benami
Mr. Raman Bin Shahal

Seawave Shipping Services Pte Ltd was established with the combined insights and experiences of Mr. Ranny Benami and Mr. Raman Bin Shahal in 2006. Today, Seawave is a prominent shipping agency, which provides services to ship-owners, including but not limited to all Owner’s matters, towing of vessels, tank cleaning, cargo operations, dry-docking services, and logistics services.

Both Mr. Ranny and Mr. Raman gained their prior experience at major ship-owner firms. These founders believed there was a gap in the market, and saw an opportunity to carve out a niche for themselves, placing emphasis on a proactive approach to ship-owner’s needs.

As with many new entrants to any industry, their entrepreneurial journey was no smooth sailing, and the pair faced a handful of challenges. In the company’s initial stages, acquiring new customers was an uphill task. However, their company motto, ‘Try us once and you will continue working with us,” kept them going, encouraging them to strive towards their goals even during tough times.

With sheer determination and persistence, Seawave Shipping Services finally managed to generate awareness for their brand. Gradually revenue and market share began to increase.

According to the founders, they are proud to have been able to gain their customers’ trust and secure their regular business. In particular, Mr. Ranny emphasizes that he views client satisfaction as the most important factor in the business. He further elaborates, “We value our relationships with our customers and we want to provide the same level of service that Raman and I would have expected from our vendors while working for a major ship-owner.”

To further differentiate themselves from their competitors, their services are personalized to ensure customer satisfaction. For instance, Mr. Raman once flew to India on a weekend in order to personally deliver a spare part that was needed urgently to a ship, without charging the client any special surcharge. This demonstrates Seawave’s constant willingness to go the extra mile to serve their customers.

With all the success heading to Seawave Shipping, it is evident that Mr. Ranny and Mr. Raman have worked hard to ensure that the promises given to customers are fulfilled. Thus, it is not surprising that customers regard Seawave Shipping Services as a proactive and reliable company.

As for aspiring entrepreneurs who are having the thought of establishing their own businesses, Mr. Ranny noted that they must be willing to sacrifice their time to slowly yield the rewards of hard work. Mr. Ranny knows that it is no easy feat building your own business, and urges all budding entrepreneurs to be determined and zealous so as to achieve success. Mr. Ranny and Mr. Raman also pointed out the importance of employees’ service quality and skills.

With regards to their expansion plans, this is still a work in progress. The duo hopes to increase their presence in regional areas in the near future. As such, they are intending to reach out to international markets. Furthermore, Mr. Ranny and Mr. Raman both have plans to expand their customer base while deepening their rapport with existing clients.

With an honest approach to the business, it is clear that Seawave Shipping Services is pioneering into new markets while fortifying its current reputation locally. Through this steadfast and disciplined attitude, the company will continue to excel under Mr. Ranny’s and Mr. Raman’s leadership.

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Westech Building, 237 Pandan Loop
#08-04 S(128424)
T| 6872 3915
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