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Mr. T.S. Chung

Houstrek Engineering Pte Ltd is an automation company with a longstanding history, having ventured into the local industry over three decades ago in 1983.

Founder of the company, Mr. T.S. Chung is an individual with vast experience and extensive knowledge in this particular trade, prior to the start of Houstrek Engineering. During his time as an employee, he was more of a hands-on individual; he preferred to be posted on site to experience and learn on the ground.

The business nature of Houstrek Engineering is very niche. The firm specializes in industrial automation. Clients’ needs and requests are thoroughly examined and evaluated before automation solutions are designed and offered. Very often, the three key benefits of automation solutions are to increase productivity, offer precise monitoring and a drastic reduction of human error.

Ranging across all industries from logistics, F&B to MINDEF, Houstrek Engineering is able to offer automation solutions to all of them. For example, an F&B company requires 20 men in the production line to produce food products. After examining the client’s business model, a fully automated manufacturing plant is designed in a way that only four men can operate it. With the manufacturing plant, the output multiplied. Most importantly, this automated solution is able to reduce the amount of human error that could possibly be caused by the traditional model of 20 men.

With a start-up capital of $10,000, a table, an engineer and Mr. T.S. Chung himself, Houstrek Engineering was born. The immediate days since the company’s founding proved to be extremely testing times for Mr. T.S. Chung. He went without a salary for two complete years, slogging day and night to build up the firm’s business and operations.

Apart from the monetary challenges that he was laden with, Mr. T.S. Chung tells us that one other aspect he had difficulties in adjusting to is the change of his role from employee to employer.

As an employee, Mr. T.S. Chung tells us that one’s role; task and responsibilities are all pre-determined by his or her immediate superior. However, as an employer, the whole situation changes as he now has to be the one delegating tasks and responsibilities to others, on top of managing the general direction of the company and its everyday operations.

The automation industry is one of exceptional niche and specialisation, and often works as a double-edged sword. One advantage of the company is that Houstrek Engineering has few competitors due to how specialized the industry is. Saturation of firms within the industry is not an issue as well as not many new firms attempt to break into the industry to begin with.

However, clients that require automation needs are not easy to come by. As a result, a division that specializes in repairing and servicing these machines still exists to retain its existing customers.

Houstrek Engineering strives to differentiate itself from its rival firms by positioning itself as a one-stop solution to clients who require any kind of automation needs. Clients need not worry about speaking to multiple parties to develop their ideal automation needs. In other words, the entire operation from the start to the end goes smoothly and is a thoroughly hassle-free affair for clients.

Houstrek Engineering’s tenacity and dedication to its trade and craft are evident. This is especially pronounced with how it lasted through the test of time in its difficult early years, the Asian financial crisis of 1997 and the recent global financial crisis in 2012.

In the foreseeable future, Houstrek Engineering is looking to focus on advanced production systems and provide comprehensive automation solutions to clients that are looking to better enhance their business models.

Mr. T.S. Chung tells us that managing finances and proper planning are vital to ensure a business’ longevity and success. Along with suitable talent in terms of the company’s staff and the retention of such individuals are factors that are vital for the sustenance of any company alike.

At present, with both his two sons helping out in Houstrek Engineering as well, the firm is definitely looking to expand further and cater to a wider reach of its clients and target market. Houstrek Engineering is indeed a firm filled with ample growth and expansion in the future!

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