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Mr. Eddy Poon

To understand and explore the importance of technology in our daily lives, let us first start by defining the term, ‘Technology’. Technology refers the knowledge and utilization of tools, techniques and systems, so as to serve bigger purposes like solving problems, making life easier and better. Its significance on humans is tremendous because technology helps them adapt to the environment.

EDPN Technologies is a system integrator formed by a group of multi-disciplinary working professionals and consultants to pursue their passion of serving the customers better, with cost effective and technically viable solutions in the field of backup power system, video surveillance, remote site monitoring system, as well as, infrastructure works in power plant, oil and gas, telecommunication, transport, military, police, hospital and IT industries.

Having both local and regional presence, namely Malaysia and Vietnam, EDPN has implemented many successful projects with Singapore Technologies for both military and Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) projects, ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) for the regional power plants, Motorola in telecom projects, Vietnam power plant, oil and gas industries, Malaysia hospitals, IT networks, datacenters and many more.

Founder Eddy Poon says that he has been in the corporate world for fourteen years, and five of which were spent in the system integration field. “The market is big and diverse, I felt that I could excel in a niche market via customisation and value additions!” Eddy says.

Eddy maintains that starting a business is not a walk in the park because there is always going to be different circumstances. “Being in a technical business environment, networking is the prime driver and is always challenging, thus the ability to expand on our business depend greatly on networking to better penetrate the market with different channel partners and into different end user accounts,” Eddy says.

In order to support his dreams of being successful, Eddy had focused on building greater reach with key regional Multinational Corporation (MNC) accounts that need 3rd party specialised expertise to successfully implement projects and with which, EDPN had gained access to different market for growth.

In addition, Eddy had also formed a joint venture with an Italian Backup Power equipment manufacturer for the South East Asia market to offer direct factory cost to customer sales approach, so that EDPN can maintain to be price competitive and stay relevant with upcoming power technologies from the manufacturer.

Given the tight labour market, Eddy says that it is a tough industry to find the suitable job candidates, because this industry is “not glamorous”. “People are generally not interested in this line, because we have to get our hands dirty and may need to work irregular hours. Even if a client offered us a bigger project, we couldn’t take it because there was a staff shortage!” Eddy states.

Unwilling to be deterred by manpower issues, Eddy has been constantly seeking for people with very strong technical skills. But, these people are difficult to locate. As such, he says that it is all the more important to groom and take care of his employees to ensure that they feel valued.

Today, EDPN has grown from strength to strength, their business operations now span into Vietnam and Malaysia. When asked about the reason for their success over the past few years, Eddy says that this is proof that their clients “trust them” and that it is Eddy and his team’s pledge to deliver their work without any issues.

“We have never missed any major project deadlines,” Eddy beams. He says that this chalks down to the dedication of his entire team, because they take pride in their work and will ensure that projects implementations are not delayed.

Looking forward to an exciting prospect, Eddy says that he is planning to move his business into neighbouring countries, Indonesia and Myanmar. In addition, Eddy also mentions that he wants to “move more in-depth into system integration besides Backup Power”. Other than that, he intends to move into Energy Saving Green Power Solution, where plans had already been rolled out to seek suitable technology partners.

“I feel proud that we have been able to go so far without compromising on quality, as all our products are premium products from Germany and Italy,” Eddy says. He adds that he feels proud that he able to count bigger organisations, such as SMRT and SBS Transit (SBST) as their clients.

Eddy says that he never saw himself being able to succeed at such a level, he says: “My parents didn’t have much money, and I just had to work my way up, gain experience and network.” Eddy mentions that he loves his job because it also gives him the rare opportunity to create something for himself.

Never want to sit idle, Eddy says that he intends for his company to maintain a high level of success, and says that one of the more constructive ways to grow is to attend trade shows all over the globe. He says that this will expand the team’s knowledge and allow them to learn about new items and bring back the things they have learnt into EDPN.

The main driving force etched into the minds of everyone at EDPN is to have a “positive attitude with customer first approach”, and their success is proof that this mantra will carry people to success.

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