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Mr. Toh Ban Choon

Precision engineering is the crucial enabler for many industries such as aerospace, marine, complex equipment, medical devices, electronics, oil and gas. With precision engineering, it enables us to design and build complex components for sophisticated machinery; from the tiniest semiconductor chips to mechanical hearts; to sturdy drill bits for deep-sea exploration and complicated aircraft engines.

Established in June 2005 by Mr. Toh Ban Choon, Integrated Motion Technology Pte Ltd is an engineering solution provider in Southeast Asia. Besides Singapore, they are also present in other countries, such as Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, India, UAE and Australia.

Integrated Motion Technology Pte Ltd is a company that specializes in precision engineering, precision machinery parts trading as well as mold and die consultancy. It provides components to the mold and die industries. Besides Die and Mold, Integrated Motion Technology also provides hydraulic solutions to the hydraulic hose Industries. Integrated Motion Technology is a sales agent in Southeast Asia, representing several well-known brands and their products to support various OEMs and the after market. Some of these brands include Yokohama’s hydraulic hoses, Ermanno Balzi from Italy, Kohzu XY Stage and Ecovent, both from Japan.

Mr. Toh strongly believes in the importance of creating an impact for the customers to remember. As a result, the initials of his company’s name, which are ‘I’, ‘M’ and ‘T’, symbolize ‘I am Toh’. It is indeed an easy and humorous first impression for customers to remember him! Mr. Toh’s desire to provide quality services and products to customers, enabling them to have a deep and good impression of his organization. In addition, the word, ‘Motion’ refers to moulding, stamping, automation and hydraulics, which are related to the services provided by the company.

Prior to the founding of Integrated Motion Technology, Mr. Toh was working as a toolmaker for 20 years. Throughout his journey as a toolmaker, he started learning from the basics, and eventually moved on to project-based technology. After being from a toolmaker to tooling manager for two decades, Mr. Toh approached a Japan company in 2003, so as to work under their sales department. Upon doing so for a period of time, he wanted to be exposed to more opportunities for him to grow. Thus, Mr. Toh made up his mind to step out of his comfort zone and venture on his own, setting up Integrated Motion Technology.

Every business has its ups and downs. When Integrated Motion Technology first began its operations, Mr. Toh was worried about the company’s finances. Due to the fact that it was still a new company, he had to work on a tight budget. Thankfully, after a period of time, Integrated Motion Technology was able to gain quite a number of supportive customers, enabling the company to move on. Furthermore, Mr. Toh sent his wife for accounting courses, in order to make sure that there is someone to keep track of the company’s expenses and earnings. With such an arrangement, he need not worry about having insufficient funds to keep the company going.

After being in this industry for a decade, Mr. Toh is happy that he is able to lead a healthy lifestyle, despite his busy schedules. On top of that, just like the company’s slogan, ‘A happy team is a winning team’, Mr. Toh expressed his gratitude and heartfelt thanks to his capable and bonded team for their contributions towards the company. He also finds time to lunch with his two daughters whenever he can.

When it comes to differentiating Integrated Technology from its competitors, Mr. Toh has his very own unique ways. He chose to focus on basic things, as he trusts that ‘simplicity is always easy’. Moreover, Mr. Toh’s knowledge and substantial experience in this industry allows the company to be value-added. Since employees in Integrated Motion Technology do see the importance of having a positive character, they are able to provide quality services, giving their best to the customers.

To Mr. Toh, entrepreneurship is equivalent to hard work, challenges and opportunities to grow. If an individual wants to be successful in business, Mr. Toh advises that he or she needs to be hardworking and put in extra effort. Throughout these years, there is a quote, which is always up in his mind to keep him going, “Our minds make us think, our legs bring us to customers, while our hearts show our sincerity and touches the people.” He pointed out that with hard work, every individual will definitely get to see satisfactory results, feeling proud of themselves at the end of the day.

Always planning for the future, Mr. Toh is intending to hand over the company to the next generation. Additionally, in September 2015, Mr. Toh will be setting up another company in Singapore with an Italian partner to bring in more European products into Southeast Asia region.

Needless to say, Integrated Motion Technology is well on track to develop into the industry leader in the years to come. With experience, skill and ambition on their side, there is not a doubt that Mr. Toh will continue to build upon what they have, leading Integrated Motion Technology Pte Ltd into the brightest period in their history.

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