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With the Singapore currency remaining strong against the regional Asian countries, frequent trips across the border have now become a staple amongst many Singaporeans. For those who are looking for reliable, yet competitively priced transportation across the border, they should look no further than Starmart Express Air Asia Liner to shuttle them to places they need to be.

Established in 2008, Starmart Express main core business lies in providing long distance bus transportation between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Priding themselves as a one-stop travel solutions provider, Starmart Express also offers services such as visa applications, package tours, travel insurance, hotel and air reservations, as well as cater to those who are looking to travel for meetings, conferences, and events.

With their comprehensive service offerings, Starmart Express has gradually built up a name for themselves in the competitive travel industry.

For founder Mr. Sivasubramani, the whole venture started off with a desire to establish other businesses. An experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Sivasubramani was running his own business in Malaysia. Recognizing the potential in the travelling industry, he threw his lot in, and established Starmart Express in Malaysia, and then its local office in Singapore later on.

In the competitive travel industry, it was tough at the beginning for Mr. Sivasubramani and Starmart Express to achieve their breakthrough. To cope with this challenge, Starmart Express priced their prices at a good rate, at comfortable prices that attracted many customers to their services. However, this soon posed new challenges for Starmart Express, as revenue was low for a year as a result of their low prices.

To counter these problems, Mr. Sivasubramani knew that Starmart Express simply had to prove themselves through professional service. He said, “Even if I have only one or two customers, I made sure the bus services always ran on time. And for those who are not happy with the services, we will give a 50% refund. We will never ‘eat’ their money.”

Since then, Starmart Express has grown exponentially in their business, with their fleet of a hundred buses a far cry from the early days of only six vehicles. They are also in ownership of their office space, an achievement that the company is very proud of. And as Mr. Sivasubramani put it, “If nobody say anything, it means I’m good.”

However, it is clear that the success that Starmart Express enjoys today is not of coincidence. Mr. Sivasubramani said, “We give direct service, our staff is friendly, and we have very good customer service. Also, we are not greedy. If we make enough profit, it is enough.”

Now with many years of entrepreneurial experience behind him, Mr. Sivasubramani shares with us what entrepreneurship means to him. “Every staff must be efficient to aid the work progress. We are all connected. The operations team must work with the driver to be on time. The check team must do their duties properly, and the sales must be good. We all depend on each other to make this company run smoothly.”

“For an entrepreneur to be successful, they must have willingness to compete with others in the industry. They also must be willing to market themselves to their audience, whether it is giving discounts or having sales. By getting their name out there, people will know of the company and their services.”

Not a company to rest on its laurels, Starmart Express is still looking ahead to expand their operations in the near future. “For us, it’s simple. Every two to three years, we will introduce new buses to the fleet. This will increase the efficiency of the buses. On top of that, we are also definitely looking to increase the amount of buses we have at the moment. With more buses, we will be able to serve more customers, and get in more business as well.”

From a humble company that started with only six buses, Starmart Express have proven themselves a worthy company that now stands ahead of their competitors. With their impeccable and superior service, coupled with the experienced entrepreneur that is Mr. Sivasubramani, there is not a doubt that Starmart Express will only go on to accumulate more success in the future.

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Golden Mile Tower S(199589)
T| 6396 5682 / 6295 2103
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