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Innovate SpaceNames of Recipients:
Mr. Andrew Tan
Mr. Chris Mok
Mr. Fenson Lim

With the scarce land space in Singapore, the living area for average individual Singaporeans is getting smaller and smaller. As such, space maximization has became a popular trend, with many homeowners engaging interior designers to design the perfect home for them, putting particular emphasis on maximum space, while at the same time ensuring their home houses a pleasant aesthetic.

Established in 2013, Innovate Space Pte Ltd’s main core business lies in providing innovate design and renovation solutions for their clients, with their specialization in converting small spaces into ambitious spacious designs. Committed to providing their services to the masses at the most competitive price, Innovate Space strongly believes the notion that everyone deserves a chance to have their houses converted into spaces they can call home.

The company is founded by its three directors, Mr. Andrew Tan, Mr. Chris Mok and Mr. Fenson Lim, with all three of them coming from diverse backgrounds, each of them possessing different knowledge and experience from various industries such as real estate, business, building development, renovation, and more.

Despite their different foundations, all of them have one thing in common: the desire to help homeowners transform their houses into homes that look forward to going back to. With their combined experience, dedication to excellence, and industry contacts, Innovate Space was established to deliver the best services to their clients at the most competitive price.

In a competitive industry like interior design and construction, it is thus inevitable that Innovate Space will face certain challenges and difficulties during their journey to excellence. Andrew said, “The biggest challenge we have had to face was the industry standard in the interior design industry. There is no government body that regulates an industry standard. Therefore, every company has a different standard of its own, and it is hard to compare the quality across different interior design firms.”

“Also, as there are quite a few complaints to CASE about interior designers, many clients have a negative view of us even before we embark into any project with them. Again, this is because of a lack of standardized regulations in the industry, and I foresee that this will continue to be a problem for us in the next three to five years.”

When asked on how Innovate Space is handling these challenges, Andrew said, “To overcome these difficulties, we set a standard in our own company, a standard that we would want to have in the industry. We then look forward to work with the government in the future to set a national standard for this industry.”

Fortunately, with their organization of experienced professionals in the design and construction industry, Innovate Space has long ago started distinguishing themselves from other companies in the industry. Andrew said, “Being innovative is what makes us different. We also focus a lot on passing on savings to our customers, which is possible because of our in-house interior design and contractor, reliable suppliers, sub contractors.”

“With our professional service, coupled with our vision of providing 100% honesty in our business dealings, I believe we cater to what a lot of customers are looking for.”

Successful entrepreneurs even before Innovate Space was established, the founders shares with us what they have learnt throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Andrew said, “An entrepreneur must always be willing to keep improving, and they must always be ready for any changes or risks happening in their industry. If they are not prepared, they may not be able to turn around the situation.”

“They must also have the right attitude in everything they do, and place customer’s interest as the priority.”

With their recent move to two new showrooms located at Howard Road and Yishun Industrial Street respectively, Innovate Space is now well poised to gain even more recognition in the design and construction industry. Looking ahead to the near future, Andrew said, “We want to be recognized for our high standards of excellence, and for Innovate Space to be recognized as the top renovation company in the industry.”

“Although as of now we do not have concrete plans to expand overseas, we did recently establish our carpentry section in Johor, to ensure that our prices stay low. We are concentrating all our efforts in Singapore, and we have expanded rapidly in the last few years. We hope this progress will continue for the next few years as well.”

Under three capable leaders, Innovate Space has established themselves as a reliable and professional service provider for their clients. As they continue along this vein of success, the company is well poised to be the next standout leader in the design and construction industry.

Contact Details
18 Howard Road #01-04
T| 6348 0490

2 Yishun Industrial Street 1
#01-32 S(768159)
T| 6268 4655
F| 6252 8960


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