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WIKAName of Recipient:
Mr. Kelvin Tan

With an added emphasis on four main products of Center of Excellence: pressure, temperature, flow, and level, WIKA has been a trusted name by many of their clients for many years.

Kelvin was an engineer by training who joined WIKA Asia Pacific RIM in 2011 as the Center of Excellence for the Electrical Temperature Measurement Product. According to Kelvin, this Asia Pacific Platform was a much bigger platform that he has ever worked in, and he was insistent that he raised up to the challenge.

In June 2012, Kelvin was appointed as the Managing Director of WIKA Singapore to establish WIKA Regional manufacturing hub to serve the ASEAN business development for the WIKA Group.

The road to its present success was not as easily achieved without a team of dedicated and innovative colleagues to strive together as one.

The company shifted their focus from only trading to manufacturing; their staff strength grew enormously. Kelvin says that he also saw the importance of inculcating a new mindset for the colleagues.

In May 2012, WIKA Instrumentation moved into the present WIKA Building, which house both the Sales and Manufacturing operation. Since then, WIKA Instrumentation is also able to excel in a very quick period and raise the company’s revenue from SG$12million in 2012 to SG$18million in 2014.

Taking a big leap of faith when he shifted focus for WIKA, Kelvin says that he is extremely thankful that the company has been able to perform well over the years.

Kelvin is an individual, who is also passionate about the topic of entrepreneurship; he says that a good company is one that has a “strong belief in talent management”. Explaining further on this point, he says that it is important to have a strong philosophy that the team can rally behind. This will give everyone at the workplace a strong sense of belonging as they work towards a common goal.

WIKA is also proud to say that they have been able to do right by their customers over the years. They now boast a successful prompt delivery rate of around 95%, a rare feat for anyone in this industry. Furthermore, WIKA has made a great transformation from a company without a manufacturing output to one that is hugely successful in a matter of a few years.

WIKA knows that success will always be within their grasp as long as they work by their ethos and philosophy. Namely, the company aims to improve themselves by standing by the values of precision, robustness, on-time delivery, and productivity.

Kelvin also shed light on what he thinks will make the perfect entrepreneur. He says that a perfect entrepreneur is one who is always “on the ball” in improving the efficiency and productivity and meeting customer’s need always come before anything. He goes into the specifics and explains that an entrepreneur is one who needs to have a very specific vision of understanding and creates the need of the clients.

For a company to come from 20 team members to 82 at present day with a span of 3 years is no easy feat. Furthermore, WIKA has been successful in shifting the company’s focus as a sales office to a manufacturing one and have integrated new departments and work as a unit. Certainly, their success is one that will be talked about for many more years to come.

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