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Ms. Sharon Lim Hui Feng

As a foreign worker, it can be nigh impossible when it comes to navigating the obstacle course towards finding employment in Singapore, it can be several magnitudes of daunting and time consuming. Ms. Sharon Lim of NewGenz Employment has first-hand experience, and helps foreigners find jobs through her professional knowledge and services.

Originally from Malaysia, Ms. Sharon came to Singapore alone intending to find employment. She soon came to realize that it was difficult to find work alone, owing to the prodigious amounts of regulation and the complexity of the job market. Always having wanted to work within the employment industry and having a meticulous nature, Ms. Sharon soon became very familiar with Singapore HR rules and regulations. It was at this time that she met her now husband, Mr. Wong.

Mr. Wong had always been in the employment agency field, previously working for other companies. Together with Ms. Sharon, they started NewGenz Employment with Mr. Wong providing manpower to both public and private sectors. The company offers a wide variety of job opportunities for both local placement and foreign workers, ranging from general to executive level.

Their reputation as a personable, reliable employment agency for Foreign Workers gradually grew. In recent years however, NewGenz Employment’s sales have been affected by the more stringent quotas and higher levies imposed on Foreign Workers by the Ministry of Manpower. To remain competitive, Ms. Sharon expanded her services from just the Foreign Worker sector to also include local talent.

Today’s NewGenz Employment is a trusted recruitment service provider of local and foreign manpower in Singapore, providing a solid local network and foreign worker to almost all industries except for construction.

Having zero complaints lodged with the Ministry of Manpower, NewGenz is no doubt a reliable recruitment service provider. This explains why well-known organisations, such as Nippon Paint Singapore, Jotun Pte Ltd and many more choose to work with them. With their help, employers need not fret about searching for quality staff, while candidates are exposed to greater opportunities to succeed in their careers.

Ms. Sharon believes that having a solid reputation exceeds any form of advertisement. In a highly competitive market, NewGenz Employment’s personable customer service rooted in equality and going the extra mile to help in any manpower situation have allowed it to gain steady expansion based on word-of-mouth and referrals. Advocating for employees’ welfare has garnered unexpected gratitude from many foreign workers even many years later.

Ms. Sharon extends the personable service that NewGenz Employment is known for towards all her staff, making sure that her staff is comfortable in their work environment, giving them the space to grow and hosts company gatherings for team bonding. Ms. Sharon recognizes the importance of her team, as they represent the company’s image and that NewGenz Employment’s expansion couldn’t have been accomplished without them. This non-monetary reward is more than sufficient to motivate Ms. Sharon to value her team members and give them the best treatment as much as she can.

To make NewGenz stand out from its competitor, Ms. Sharon focuses on team effort. This is partly due to the fact that the company depends on employees for success. To start off, she makes sure that her employees have a sense of responsibility, giving nothing but the best. In this way, it builds up the reputation of the company, gaining more recognition in the industry. Therefore, it is said that a good leader knows how to work well with his or her team members, bringing in more achievements to the team.

In Ms. Sharon’s opinion, she strongly believes that patience is an important quality, which an individual needs, so as to be successful in business. If clients were to see that the company has the patience to assist and attend any questions, they will have a good impression and develop trust in it. In time to come, clients will certainly come back for the company’s service again in the near future.

Apart from their Singapore location, NewGenz Employment currently also has a branch in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which Ms. Sharon gives full autonomy to her team and fully trusts. Looking ahead, Ms. Sharon hopes for NewGenz to become a brand name, hosting NewGenz employment fairs for others. In time, Ms. Sharon would like to have people in Singapore and Malaysia immediately associate employment agency with the name “NewGenz”.

In the next five years, NewGenz is looking forward to be more active in the recruitment industry through various means. With a branch in Malaysia, Ms. Sharon plans to look for more candidates. Having said that, Ms. Sharon is also considering having a branch in China and Vietnam. Not only that, NewGenz also hopes to be able to have and launch its own job fair.

Having a strong belief in word of mouth and giving quality services to their clients, it is an undeniable fact that these are the main reasons for NewGenz’s success. With such an encouraging and supportive leader like Ms. Sharon, it is positive that NewGenz will continue to strive and do well in the recruitment service industry.

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Prestige Centre S(658071)
T| 6749 6659
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