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Mr. Alexander Xu

Established since 1984, Chin Ling Nursery is well known as one of Singapore’s leading Garden Centre Retailer as well as Landscape Design and Build Company for more than 30 years. Their Garden Centre located along Bedok South Road, takes pride in offering a wide range of gardening products or necessities, outdoor furniture and accessories suitable for anyone who wish to build their own green sanctuary. Chin Ling Nursery’s Landscape Design and Build team has carved out a reputation for excellence in creating luxury outdoor living spaces in the commercial and private residential sector.

The founder of Chin Ling Nursery, Mr. Alexander Xu officially entered the Horticulture and Garden Landscape business as a project assistant when he was 23. Working directly under his father, whom was also the former founder and one of Singapore’s pioneer horticulturists, did gave him pressure but Alexander’s strong passion and love in this business since young has definitely helped overcome all difficulties.

When asked about his story behind entering this line of work, Alexander replied, “I saw my father’s work and the love for outdoor living creation were definitely instilled in me since young.” He added, “Although I have a background in mechanical engineering, I find great passion in creating beautiful yet functional outdoor living spaces.”

In 2004, when the former founder decided to retire from the business, Alexander was not made the successor but was offered to buy over the company officially. Seeing the opportunities ahead but with no collaterals for bank loans, he approached relatives for help and bought the company. Shouldering the high debts and operating costs alone was tough. Alexander admitted that during his first year leading the company, everything that could go wrong went wrong. Despite all the challenges, he was resilient and remained headstrong in doing his best.

Over his years in the business, Alexander’s persistence of delivering only quality products, workmanship and services for his customers has helped to build a strong customer base and foothold for Chin Ling Nursery in the industry.

In less than ten years, Alexander managed to clear his debts and revamped the business, with seven local and nine foreign employees. As a triathlete who participated in numerous triathlon events worldwide, Alexander draws inspiration for his work from his travels around the world.  Alexander believes in always keeping an open mind to new ideas, in order to stay current. He shared, “I am always eager to learn something new. I want to do even better.” He strongly believes that besides vision, perseverance and discipline, courage is one of the important attributes and necessary qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

The idea of the name Chin Ling – 金嶺 was coined from Alexander’s father. It means “Golden Peak.” The name holds great meaning and value to Alexander, as he wanted to continue his father’s legacy of this business.

Alexander went at lengths to explain about his brand differentiation. He said that Chin Ling Nursery emphasizes on quality services and products. He inculcates a customer-oriented culture in Chin Ling Nursery and rewards employees who practice good customer service. He constantly reminds his staff in his own words, “Think! What is best for the customers?” This is an effective reminder for his employees to ensure that the customer’s needs are being met, and most importantly, they are happy with the service provided.

Chin Ling Nursery’s Landscape Design & Build services plan to reach out to homeowners with smaller or limited outdoor spaces, such as condominiums and Housing Development Board (HDB) flats. They hope to bring forward the appreciation of nature and outdoor living lifestyle to more homes in Singapore. Alexander expressed that he is glad to see more Singaporeans being interested in this green lifestyle now, as compared to few years ago. They are also more receptive to incorporating greenery into today’s urban landscapes, all thanks to the years of work from National Parks (NParks) for promoting and maintaining our Garden City.

When asked about his daily source of motivation, Alexander stated, “My wife who manages the retail side of the business is my main pillar of strength towards my success I have achieved thus far.” Alexander is a perfect example of an individual who works hard for his family, so as to secure a better future for the next generation.

They have enjoyed great success in their business, and have received multiple awards for their work, including the LIAS Award of Excellence and most notably their participation in The Singapore Garden Festival 2012.

Undoubtedly, it is positive that Chin Ling Nursery will continue to be filled with opportunities and success, excelling in the future with their dedication and expertise in this area.

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