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AxisEngineeringName of Recipient:
Mr. M. Palaniappan

Founded by Mr. M. Palaniappan in year 2000, Axis Engineering is a business that supports their clients in managing projects with their technical and management expertise. Specifically, they provide exceptional and application specific analytical instrumentation systems for process control and environmental emission monitoring for the oil and gas industry.

Prior to starting Axis Engineering, Mr. M. Palaniappan had experience in this field for several years. Complemented with Mr. M. Palaniappan’s vast experience and knowledge as well as the best in class engineering, manufacturing and integration resources, Axis Engineering has established a strong presence for itself in the industry.

However, the company faced numerous challenges when it first started its operations. As the company is space-based, it was indeed difficult to look for a location that is large enough to accommodate all of their services. Furthermore, Mr. M. Palaniappan had no experience with marketing, making it tough to reach out to more clients.

Despite the number of obstacles, Mr. M. Palaniappan was determined to make the company successful. With that thought in mind, he pushed himself, at times not even getting paid, to make what Axis Engineering is today. By promising and providing customers with analytical systems of high quality and delivering nothing but the best for their clients, the company has boosted its image tremendously.

Mr. M. Palaniappan expressed his gratitude to his regular clients, including those who have been supporting him since fifteen years ago. He described his customers as the ‘main stakeholders who drive the company’ as they have been continually garnering support for Axis Engineering. Mr. M. Palaniappan added that it was his clients who have been motivating and inspiring him, making him strive harder to achieve greater heights for the company.

When asked on how Axis Engineering distinguishes itself from its competitors, Mr. M. Palaniappan shared that their company is ‘highly competent and independent albeit being a company of a smaller size’. Besides supplying analytical systems of excellent quality, the company also emphasizes on building strong relationships with its clients through their reliable services, setting them apart from other companies.

With years of experience as an entrepreneur, Mr. M. Palaniappan has learnt numerous lessons and invaluable skills which has helped him exceedingly. He advised potential entrepreneurs to ‘focus on the passion and then work on it with dedication’. Mr. M. Palaniappan added, “Although there may be hard sacrifices to make, the outcome will always be worth it. As an entrepreneur, it is important to have a positive attitude as one will have to be able to tide over tough situations to scale onto greater heights.”

In the years to come, Mr. M. Palaniappan hopes to extend his company into several countries, particularly those located in the Middle-East and Southeast Asia. As Vince Lombardi says, “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

This award most definitely marks another milestone for Axis Engineering. With their perseverance, dedication and hard work, the company will be an epitome of excellence in the oil and gas industry. Although there will be challenges ahead, Mr. M. Palaniappan’s desire to better himself and the company will no doubt lead Axis Engineering to greater achievements in the future.

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