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Wilma Geronimo
Loyme Geronimo

As the old saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”, it is no surprise that many people regard a picture as a memento to mark major events or friendship over other mediums. People love taking photos, be it while on vacation, or even in the comforts of their own home, these allow a sense of permanence and give people the opportunity to remember great moments by.

Building on that very idea is FabFoto Booth & Souvenir Pte Ltd. The company was established to allow people the opportunity to have a timeless souvenir that chronicles a particular moment in life. They provide rental of photo booths for functions such as corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, graduations, and many more.

For owners, Wilma and Loyme, their journey with Fabfoto started out with a “humble beginning”. Wilma said, “There was only one single photo booth when we first started out. It is largely due to a hugely committed team that FabFoto has been able to expand and build up brand recognition among clients.” In a short span of time, FabFoto grew from having one photo booth to nine, this is a clear testimony that they are satisfying their customers’ demands and expectations.

Loyme says that he is heartened to see loyal customers engaging in their service whenever they hold a function. He said: “We have many loyal clients, who have engaged us repeatedly in the last three years. Some clients initially left to try out other photo booth services, but many of them came back for our services again.”

When asked how FabFoto stands out from their competitors, Wilma explained that there are myriads of reason. “In terms of the service, the quality of our printouts is very good. The photos are taken with Canon DSLR cameras, and Canon printouts – waterproof and laminated. Once, an event at the Pan Pacific Hotel wanted to compare the quality of photo booths, so he asked to get all the printout samples from vendors. In the end, he picked us for the event.”

Wilma says that being able to gain customers’ satisfaction is the main ethos of the company. Wilma elaborates that FabFoto is able to be so highly lauded by their customers precisely because they have always placed their customers’ needs above their own. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many of their clients engage in FabFoto’s services from referrals.

Looking ahead to the future, Wilma and Loyme expects the company to continue their march towards more success. Wilma said, “From only four to five bookings a month when we first started, we made about 800 bookings last year. To cope with this rising demand, the company will be adding more photo booths. Also, we will also be studying new trends in the market and adapt to new customer demands.”

Equally passionate about the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit, Wilma stresses on the importance to value customer service and quality of service above all else. She added, “It is important to be patient to customers, as they all have a different opinions and personalities. Sometimes, they can have more requirements, and you will need to adapt and implement different ideas for different customers.” In addition, Loyme also mentioned that having good equipment will provide a holistic customer experience as customers can enjoy their events without any disruptions.

Lastly, it is not going to be an understatement to say that FabFoto is destined to achieve bigger things. This is largely because the company has a clear vision of what they stand for – which is to provide impeccable customer service while using the latest equipment. It is needless to say that the rise of FabFoto will only continue for many years to come.

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