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No Average JoeName of Recipient:
Mr. Joe Peter

No Average Joe (NAJ) forayed into the media and communications industry in 2009. It was a sole proprietorship then, and was essentially a one-man-operation, with Joe Peter handling virtually all company affairs.

Typically, NAJ deals with all forms of media production, across a variety of broadcast platforms. The company’s main focus, though, lies in the realm of digital film.

Over time, NAJ’s operations grew, and it gradually established a credible reputation for itself, subsequently being incorporated in 2012.

Naturally, NAJ encountered its fair share of challenges in its infancy. The biggest of which, Joe tells us, was that his company was a virtual unknown in the industry. To overcome this, Joe leveraged on social media platforms to quickly raise awareness of NAJ, with his own portfolio. Other ways that the company was able to establish a name for itself was via word-of-mouth, especially through advertising and PR agencies, whom NAJ had collaborated with favourably.

The expansive nature of the media industry itself, also posed a stiff challenge to Joe and his company. Essentially, he was but one man, assuming one too many roles. He quickly learned to let the reins go a little, and reverted to his strengths namely; producing, directing and business development. In doing so, he was able to identify individuals with complementary skill-sets to form the spine of the company. Today, NAJ boasts a number of long-serving staff, some having been with the company nearly since its inception.

Yet another hurdle Joe had to overcome was his lack of relations with the freelance production community, mainly attributed to his time away, working and studying in London. He was heavily reliant on a small group of cinematographers and editors he had worked with in his previous employment. To this day, Joe remains extremely grateful for their contributions to NAJ, for without them, the company would not have taken flight.

Personally, Joe believes that there is sufficient business within the communications and media industry to go around for everyone. That being said, NAJ makes a conscious effort to set itself apart, constantly reinventing itself, and adding to its repertoire. Fundamentally, its strong documentary background and keen sense of design, combine to deliver content that engages and inspires.

NAJ’s web presence also distinguishes itself from other production houses. Its website projects an attractive blue-chip image, while there is a flurry of activity on its social media platforms.

NAJ is looking to expand into the gaming industry, primarily through the production of content, but also in terms development of actual games. Joe tells us that 2015 is a massive year for the industry, and that it is time NAJ embraces its passion for gaming.

To date, Joe feels that NAJ’s greatest accomplishment is in how it has nurtured successful long-term relationships. This applies not just to direct clients, such as Red Bull and Canon, but especially to the people it has worked with. In addition, industry accolades in the Asian Television Awards and Apollo Awards, have been a great boost to such a young company. Last but by no means least, NAJ’s work with NGOs and social enterprises is a source of great pride for the team.

Joe believes that there is no fixed route to success, with any one individual being able to craft his or her own unique path. He strongly believes that one’s personality is crucial in establishing a company’s brand identity and mission. Being able to lead by example is critical too, thus motivating, and hopefully, inspiring one’s employees.

With a capable and insightful leader at the helm of No Average Joe, it is evident that the firm possesses an abundance of potential for further growth and expansion in time to come!

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