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Hong LuName of Recipient:
Mr. Chen Quan

Hong Lu Engineering Pte Ltd is a construction firm that dabbles mainly in the areas of glass and aluminium works. The main areas of business for the firm include being the supplier for stainless structured steels for construction purposes and handling the installation process for glass and aluminium works.

Hong Lu Engineering typically undertakes the role as a sub-contractor in construction projects. They lend a hand in projects of varying natures – from residential projects that include upscale condominiums in the heart of Orchard Road to shopping malls, schools and even commercial projects, too.

One of the directors of Hong Lu Engineering, Chen Quan, tells us that he chose to embark into the setting up of a company he could call his own as he fancied the flexibility, control and responsibility that came with the designation at the top. Prior to becoming his own boss, Chen Quan entered the construction industry close to a decade ago in 2007 in mainland China, with a focus on glass and aluminium works specifically.

Thereafter, Chen Quan chose to take his skills to Singapore in 2009, working in a constructions company locally. He further honed his skills and knowledge of the constructions industry for another five years.

In 2014, together with a fellow veteran in the constructions industry, Chen Quan took the plunge to set up Hong Lu Engineering. He tells us that starting one’s own business is no easy feat, and was no exception in facing his fair share of challenges as well. The first and most challenging aspect proved to be being able to sustain adequate funding for the company.

Hong Lu Engineering began with a relatively small start-up capital of $10 000 and approximately two to three workers. Consequentially, the duration of payment periods for its clients was another aspect of critical importance as well. This was particularly the case as sufficient and timely cash flow for the firm was needed in order to make timely salary payments to the firm’s employees each month.

Yet another stiff challenge for Chen Quan and Hong Lu Engineering proved to be being able to hire employees and workers who possessed a wealth of knowledge in this particular trade.

With unwavering resilience and dedication, Chen Quan eventually managed to hire a number of employees who possessed the required experience and knowledge alike, helping Hong Lu Engineering to establish a firm foothold within the industry. Over time, the gradual clinching of various projects also helped to sustain and ease the cash flow concerns of the firm.

Although Hong Lu Engineering is still a relatively newcomer to the constructions industry, Chen Quan has wasted no time in differentiating his company from that of rival competitors. This is of great importance as the local construction industry is filled with overwhelming and intense competition. Hong Lu Engineering has chosen to adopt a low-profit margin philosophy in terms of its operations in its bid to build customer loyalty.

In addition, Chen Quan has also chosen to place emphasis on the speed of completion for each project that his company undertakes, ensuring that every project is strictly adhered to by the deadlines that have been set in place.

That being said, even with a focus on speed for the projects that Hong Lu Engineering undertakes, Chen Quan remains a strict advocator of utilising only the best quality of materials that he is able to attain. Cutting corners so as to save on costs is something that Chen Quan will never allow, reiterating the importance of the safety of a building’s patrons.

In addition, Chen Quan also strongly believes that Hong Lu Engineering is able to offer competitive pricing even with the use of top-grade materials and also, customer service that goes above and beyond what is expected of them.

To date, Hong Lu Engineering has a number of achievements that Chen Quan and his staff members are particularly proud of. For instance, the firm supplied the structure required for the construction of the campus of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), which eventually attained a grading of 93/100 upon completion of the project.

Other notable achievements attributed to Hong Lu Engineering include the construction the aluminium wall in New Futura condominium, which lies in the vicinity of the Orchard Road area. Another residential project that Hong Lu Engineering has undertaken is that of Lakeview condominium, located in the heart of Jurong West, where Chen Quan and his team were responsible for the installation of the curtain walls.

In the coming five years, Hong Lu Engineering is looking ahead to numerous great accomplishments. For instance, they intend to extend its focus on supplying and installation works for design-related tasks, obtain a C1 or C2 BCA building license which would authorise the firm as main contractors and lastly, to have their own factory in Singapore as well.

Personally, Chen Quan feels that people management is of great importance, for employees who possess positive working attitudes and mind-set will be able to provide immense support and contribution to any company. In addition, experience in understanding any particular trade is essentially a pre-requisite should one want to be successful in running a business, along with establishing rapport and trust with people, too.

Although Hong Lu Engineering is still, by and large, a young company, it is undoubtedly poised for even greater achievements in the not too distant future with an insightful leader, Chen Quan, guiding the firm.

Contact Details
23 Kelantan Lane #04-01E
Kim Hoe Centre S(208642)
T| 8522 3836
E| hl.chenquan@gmail.com


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