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Quad SuppliesNames of Recipients:
Mr. Kene Neo
Mr. Alex Yeo

Quads Supplies is the brainchild of local entrepreneur, Mr. Kene Neo, who had chosen to venture into the local renovation and construction industry as it is an industry with high transactional volumes. Taking a leap of faith, Mr. Neo finally actualised what was once a dream with the incorporation of the firm in 2013, foraying into the renovation and construction industry.

Quads Supplies Pte Ltd is a supplier of interior furnishing products like Versatile Flooring (PVC Click-System), Vinyl Flooring (Adhesive Bond), Homogeneous Flooring Tiles, Artificial Grass, Carpets, Wallpaper, and Adhesive Lamination.

Besides supplying a wide range of products, Quads Supplies also offers Renovation and Construction Project Management consultation services, Painting Service, Refurbishment of Carpentries, Installation works, and Main Contractor services.

Mr. Neo seeks to establish a new business model which allows one to do away with the need for a middleman. This is achieved by supplying both renovation and construction related services and products directly to the end consumers, enabling them to cut down on unnecessary costs.

With the global financial crisis claiming numerous small start-up firms in 2012, one might opine that Mr. Neo had chosen to enter the industry at the wrong time. However, Mr. Neo was undaunted by the downturn. He pointed out that the main challenges were not so much of monetary constraints but rather receptiveness of consumers to new products.

In order to set Quads Supplies apart from its competitors, Mr. Neo had brought in products that were new to the industry then, such as Versatile Flooring and Adhesive Lamination. However, Mr. Neo’s ideology proved to be a double-edged sword when he came across several clients who were hesitant as they were unfamiliar with the new concepts.

In addition, because of the strict regulations imposed by the local authorities, the engagement of subcontractors and labour for the installation processes of these new materials became no easy feat. In the aspect of marketing, Mr. Neo also struggled with the creation of a social media presence for Quads Supplies which he believes, that in today’s age of digital media, is pivotal to every new firm.

Despite these setbacks, Mr. Neo is unfazed. He explains that Quads Supplies places a large focus on quality and speed, as well as providing after-sales support to help maintain its products in tip-top condition. Mr. Neo believes that this ability to meet deadlines while maintaining quality assurance is crucial in winning over clients’ trust and building long-term relationships with them. He is confident that his business will continue to gain traction as the feedback and response has been extremely positive so far.

In the near future, Mr. Neo expresses interest to make further headway in the renovation and construction industry both locally and abroad. Currently, it is looking to obtain BCA registered SY06 supplier and CR06 construction workhead gradings.

Quads Supplies hopes to establish itself as a mainstay in the local building and renovation industry by participating in larger scale government and commercial project tenders. The firm has also done feasibility studies in the overseas markets and plans to venture into markets like Thailand, Korea and Japan.

Mr. Neo believes that as an entrepreneur, it is vital to understand the trade that you are venturing into. He likens the journey of an entrepreneur to a constant learning process and advises that perseverance is key, especially in the face of unexpected adversities and obstacles.

With such an insightful and aspiring leader at the helm of the firm, it is evident that greater things are in store for Quads Supplies.

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170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #05-29
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre S(588179)
T| 9001 4455
E| supplies@quads.sg


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