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Mr. Klein Tang

Elevators, described as one of the most important machines of all time, have helped us tremendously in our daily lives. With one press on the button, elevators have the ability to transport us from one floor to another in a matter of seconds.

At WYIN Construction, they believe that the practical use of lifts for transportation can be augmented into an uplifting and delightful experience with eye-pleasant and alluring interior artistry. With that in mind, the company has been transforming lift interiors into exquisite works of art, turning their clients’ desired lift design into reality.

Established by one man in 1998, WYIN Construction initially focused solely in the designing of lift interiors and finishing. However, the company has since expanded its services, integrating interior design with elevator installations, metal fabrications and modernization works. This enables them to deliver one-stop lift interior solutions without compromising on safety, quality and speed.

While there may be several companies in the lift industry that specialize in the installation of elevators, it is not common for them to incorporate their services with interior design. “This is the gap in the market which we are satisfying. We want our clients to experience the difference in lift interior artistry,” Mr. Tang explained.

Undeniably, every business has its own share of hardships. WYIN Construction, being one of the many companies in the lift industries, struggled in the beginning, as they had to find ways to position the company with a competitive edge. As business started to pick up, WYIN Construction needed to expand its operation sites. However, with the rising cost for space, the company had difficulties finding a suitable venue for their new factory and office.

Nonetheless, the people at WYIN Construction pressed on. With a strong team of 20 employees, they work closely and diligently, combining each member’s strengths into a collaborated effort to optimize their performance. WYIN Construction’s Artisans, otherwise named as ‘thinking craftsmen’, are highly experienced in all aspects of the lift system. Apart from being able to administer quality craftsmanship, the Artisans are also knowledgeable on the fundamentals of lift dynamics.

Having said that, the team’s capability is not limited to interior work alone but extends to installation, modernization and metal fabrication. WYIN Construction aims to be the ‘first choice for integrated lift solutions’. The company strongly emphasizes on leading a new wave of innovation in the lift industry and to never cut short on their quality, safety as well as service.

On top of that, every Artisan understands the importance of customer service and thrives to build an unmatched relationship with their customers. “We believe that the true gauge of our success is the deserved satisfaction of our valued clients. Hence, we strive to always ensure a smooth, efficient and responsive service process.”

Over the years, the company has successfully completed numerous projects for all types of lifts, including those in residential apartments, shopping malls and corporate buildings. In fact, WYIN Construction is one of the winners who were awarded with the Installation Safety Award. This truly exhibits the company’s ability to deliver the best experience for their clients.

Mr. Tang shared that being an entrepreneur has taught him to constantly plan ahead and to always lead by example. He believes that having foresight is crucial when it comes to doing business. “If you want to see results, you will have to plan ahead and make sure that you push yourself until you have reached your desired goal. Be passionate about your work, be humble and always seek for advice,” Mr. Tang advises future entrepreneurs.

For the past 17 years, WYIN Construction has transcended boundaries in their provided services. Along with Mr. Tang’s leadership and foresight, it is evident that the company will prove to be a game-changer in the industry.

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