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Mr. Leo Teng Hong

We live in a globalised world where people from different continents can easily communicate with each other with the help of technology. As such, the world is much more interconnected than ever before, people are able to learn about each other’s culture and more people are doing business with one another. That also saw the rise in the freight forwarding, transportation and logistics industry.

Established in 1997 by Mr. Leo Teng Hong, Altron Shipping Pte Ltd is a well-lauded company that specialises three distinct types of services: freight-forwarding services, consolidation services, and logistics management. Committed to accommodate the different needs and requirements of their clients, Altron is able to deliver items door-to-door regardless of type, via both air and sea shipping, while at the same time providing the expertise required to handle all documentation and insurance matters.

With an extensive network of agents and offices around the world, Altron is able to support both inbound and outbound shipments on a global scale, allowing the company to direct their services to various industry segments, which each has its own requirements and needs. These portfolio includes a wide range of industries such as the chemical and chemical product sector, oil and gas sector, pharmacy and healthcare, hi-tech, industrial, and agricultural.

When asked about the reasons for him starting a business of his own, Mr. Leo mentions that he feels secure to start a business in Singapore because the country is known for having a stable political climate. In addition, the city-state also has a good infrastructure and reputable airport and seaports. Mr. Leo also added, “(Singapore) is also strategically well-positioned as a competitive trans-shipment hub.” Mr. Leo sees Singapore as a perfect country to start a business, as the country offers many compelling reasons for him to start a business in his line of work.

Though fuelled by his ambition to start a business, Mr. Leo had to first acquire actual hands-on experience in building a business, as well as overcoming certain challenges every entrepreneur inadvertently face. He said, “We need time to earn the trust and confidence of our valued customers and we also need good support from suppliers such as bank carrier, transporters, warehouse, and other vendors.”

One might say that there was a steep learning curve in Mr. Leo’s entrepreneurial journey. However, Mr. Leo worked harder than ever and stuck to his company’s motto of “Your Needs, Our Top Priority”. This has obviously propelled the company into the minds of their customers as customers soon referred their friends to Altron.

Clearly, there must be something that Altron is doing right. Since they started in 1997, Altron’s philosophy is to provide personalised and high quality freight services to our corporate and individual customers worldwide. For Mr. Leo, he believes in his staff’s devotion and ability to do a good job on every project they undertake. He also stresses on the importance of customer service as one of the selling points of the company. He added, “We are highly committed in providing good service and we believe in an enhanced personal touch in the world of global logistics.”

These have clearly set Altron apart as they are now able to expand their operations to many parts of Southeast Asia. Countries that Altron now has dealings with include Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Mr. Leo says that he feels heartened that customers continue to support his company.

Despite the level of success that Altron currently has, Mr. Leo insisted that the company would continue to “strive to achieve service excellence in the global logistics industry”.

Since the company’s establishment, Altron Shipping has accomplishment quite a number of accomplishments since then. Being a member of the Singapore Logistics Association, they have also obtained various accreditations such as the ISO 9001 and ISO 28000. One of the company’s biggest milestone happened in 2014, where they were able to complete a major project whose freight value on a single invoice was worth in the region of a million dollars.

Going back to the company’s motto of “Your Needs, Our Top Priority”, Mr. Leo mentions that being an entrepreneur has not only taught him to value relationships with people, it has also taught him the importance of building a good business model from the start. He says that having “good people and relevant resources” in a company are two of the most important traits of starting up a business. He elaborates that an employer must surround himself with capable and intelligent people in order to succeed.

Being a freight forwarder is no walk in the park. Mr. Leo is regularly faced with a tight schedule and has to attend urgent meetings with customers, agents, vendors, and employees. In order to maintain a smooth operation, Mr. Leo also personally visits all the different departments in order to interact and guide his employees on the tasks at hand.

It is clear to say that Altron Shipping is a success because everything they do is a pledge to ensure that their customer’s expectations are met. That is the primary reason why Mr. Leo works tirelessly to ensure that there is transparency and open communication and understand between all parties involved. The very fact that Altron Shipping has been able to thrive in the industry for close to twenty years boils down to sound organisational structure and grit to conquer adversities along the way.

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