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Ms. Lydia Chong
Mr. Kenny Goh

Preztigez Asia, pronounced as ‘Prestige Asia’, is a name synonym to the valet management of numerous events, entertainment, leisure and recreational hotspots. Preztigez Asia provides valet services and manpower solutions for its clients and their relevant patrons.

Preztigez Asia broke into the local scene in 2011, on the back of a unified effort by two individuals – Director of Preztigez Asia, Lydia Chong and General Manager, Kenny Goh, who also happens to be Lydia’s brother-in-law.

Prior to the founding of Preztigez Asia, Lydia plied her trade in the events industry. She had to handle coordination, arrangement procedures and ensure that various components to any activity gelled seamlessly.

On the other hand, Kenny himself used to be a valet driver, possessing numerous years of hands-on experience out on the ground. His role as a former valet driver has proved invaluable and critical, as it makes him the best candidate to be able to relate to the valet drivers who are now under his stewardship.

Banking on each their individual backgrounds, Lydia and Kenny decided to join forces and set up a company together. They felt that the each party’s experience and skills complemented one another aptly, and hence, came the decision to collaborate.

As to how every business is when it is first set up, Preztigez Asia encountered its fair share of challenges and difficulties too. For instance, credit duration was one aspect that Lydia and Kenny had to plan and manage carefully, for it affects the firm’s cashflow, and ultimately, the efficiency of their operations.

One other aspect that proved to be a challenge for Preztigez Asia was the employment of capable employees. This proved to be of great importance, as its employees will be donning uniforms that bear its client’s name. As such, this will affect their client’s reputation in general too.

Preztigez Asia has established a solid clientele list, with a significant number of reputable clients. Of which, some of the big name clients include Marina Bay Sands, i12 Katong, Borneo Motors and Changi Airport as well.

Lydia and Kenny strive to differentiate Preztigez Asia from their fellow competitors within the same industry, ensuring they put together a service-oriented, cohesive and sustainable team. Preztigez Asia is bizSAFE3 certified and imposes stringent requirements on potential employees. For instance, valet drivers must possess a minimum of 2 years valet experience and also maintain a good driving record.

In the upcoming 5 years, Lydia and Kenny are looking to further diversify the business, with plans for a greater focus on manpower related works, essentially getting more involved in events-based projects. They are hoping the increased diversification will help to rope in more clients, providing for an additional source of revenue for the firm.

To date, Preztigez Asia has expanded its office space, going from a cramp environment to one of relative comfort and space at its current locale in Midview City. To add on, the firm has expanded ever so greatly. Starting with just seven employees back in 2011, Preztigez Asia now boasts nearly fifty employees, a near nine-fold increase in strength in just a short span of four years. Also, the firm recently bought a new van for company operations in February this year, making travelling about a much more convenient task for its employees.

The name Preztigez Asia comes about due to a factual coincidence. Initially, Kenny and Lydia were looking to register the company as Prestige Asia or Prestiges Asia. Unfortunately, however, both names were already registered by other firms, and consequentially, came about the birth of Preztigez Asia.

Kenny told us that the transition from the role of employee as a valet driver, to being an employer of valet drivers has taken him considerable time to get adjusted to. Having to look out for the welfare and well being of the staff under his guidance is now one of Kenny’s greatest concerns. Another aspect that he has to take note of is to ensure the staffs are able to gel cohesively and work together efficiently as a team. This differs greatly to his time as a valet driver, where his main concern and responsibility was his individual performance.

Both Lydia and Kenny shared with us that being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. It is a continuous journey that is akin to a roller coaster ride – one filled with numerous ups and downs alike. Heartbreak and disappointment are common occurrences, while, on the other end of the spectrum, dealings that invoke joy and elation are relatively commonplace, too.

For one to successfully run their own business, it is crucial to understand the trade that they are planning to foray into. Certain qualities are also vital to be present, for instance, the ability to stay humble, however successful one may be. One should never rest on their laurels, and always seek further ways to improve and grow, says the duo.

With a very capable tag-team partnership in the driving seat of Preztigez Asia, the company has undoubtedly an abundance of unfulfilled potential to be tapped upon in time to come!

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Midview City S(573971)
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