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Ms. Faith Quek
Mr. Sebastian Lee

In the technology age, office equipment is staples in any office. Whether it is a printer to print out important documents, or computers to aid in the smooth operations of the company, there is no denying that these equipments have become essential in the operations of any establishment.

Established in 2011, Comsoltec Pte Ltd is a provider of office equipment for various industries. Priding themselves on being a solutions provider for a company’s office needs, Comsoltec specialises in equipment such as copiers, computers, servers, IT equipment and more. Since their establishment, they have amassed an impressive array of clients, including all branches of Character Montessori, Great Builders, and more.

For founders, Ms. Faith Quek and Mr. Sebastian Lee, the decision to establish Comsoltec came about only after they have accumulated many years of experience between them. Being former ex-colleagues in the similar trade, both Faith and Sebastian found themselves not totally content working for others, and believed that they had the capabilities to run their own business. As such, the two of them decided to take the extra step, and Comsoltec Pte Ltd was born.

As with all new businesses, both Faith and Sebastian found themselves with certain challenges when Comsoltec began operations.

Firstly, the founders found it difficult to hire the right members of the team for the company. Faith said, “People nowadays, especially youngsters, they are still finding their way around the world, and they don’t know what they want exactly in terms of their career objectives.” In addition, the financial aspect of the business was of some challenge as well. As the founders had started the company without much thinking, they had to be very careful in terms of the utilization of their reserves.

For the founders, they also found themselves adjusting to the new working relationship with the company and with each other. Previously working under their employers, all they had to worry about were their individual sales targets. But now that they are the leaders of the company, they have taken on additional responsibilities, and have to continuously work with each other to brainstorm how to take the company onward in the future.

Today, Comsoltec have managed to overcome many of the obstacles put in their way, achieving success they never thought possible in the last few years. Sebastian commented, “The success we enjoy now, this is something beyond our plan. When we first started, we had no staff, and our plan was to get a room for an office within a year. But now, we have exceeded all expectations, and we own our own office.”

For Faith and Sebastian, this success would not have been possible without many factors. Faith mentioned, “I think what makes us different and unique is basically how we handle our business compared to others. The two of us operate on the same wavelength, and from day one, we already knew what we want. We are in this business for good, and we want to have a long-term business that will not sell or close down. We hope to set a legacy, which we can then pass on to the next generation.”

Now possessing quite a few years of entrepreneurial experience between them, the founders felt that they had learnt much throughout their journeys. For starters, they believe that the differentiation between staff and friends is important, and that this distinction cannot be mixed and combined.

In addition, they both feel that an entrepreneur needs to have plenty of self-discipline and determination, and to be able to be their own person. Faith highlighted, “If an entrepreneur has a plan, and have made a goal, they need to execute it. Otherwise, it will never happen.” Adding on, Sebastian said, “Yes, they need to just go ahead and do it. We treat it all like a challenge, and we apply it to our business and dealings.”

Already there are plans in motion to further accelerate Comsoltec’s ascension, but right now, the founders are cautious to share too much. Faith disclosed, “Something big is coming, and we are expanding to greater heights. Definitely we will get in more manpower for more profits and revenue, but even though we are aggressive go-getters, we are taking our advance steadily. We would like to achieve success and sustain it.”

With the potential for the economy to grow further, the demand for Comsoltec’s services will follow suit as well. Perfectly poised to handle this demand, and under Faith and Sebastian’s leadership, there is no doubt that Comsoltec’s future in secure in their hands.

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