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Mr. Lee Sheng Weng Nick

Life is filled with multiple challenges along the way, and it takes determination and belief to weather the storm and continue to progress. For AIT Technologies’ Nick Lee, he had to face the tragic death of his mother when he was only six. At the time, her mother was only thirty-two years old and with her passing, his father had to take on the responsibility of caring and providing for four children.

He recalled, “When I was about five years old, my mother told me that she would like to see us becoming someone useful and she will be proud of us.” This candid conversation with his mother would spark off his life’s goal to become a successful person in whatever field he chooses to dedicate himself to.

After gaining experience in setting up a successful company and he sold off eventually, Nick decided to join AIT Technologies. In the same year, he acquired some shares that preceded his rise to the position of Director and Chief Executive Officer for AIT. Since Nick came on as Chief Executive Officer, AIT Technologies has been transformed from an electronic distribution-centric to a value-added solution company.

“Today, AIT focuses on Human-Machine Interactive Technology. This provides customers with a high level of user experience in interacting with our products and also provides human analytics data to strengthen their business and better perform!” Nick said proudly. Nick beams with pride when he mentions that his products and solutions are used in a wide range of sectors such as retail, F&B, healthcare, hospitality.

AIT is also able to customize their products and solutions for different clients. For example, they were able to implement the requests from the National Library Board to create a convenient self-borrowing machine for library goers.

When asked about his reasons for venturing into this area, Nick replied, “We have a labour crunch and therefore there will be a demand for Human-Machine Interactive solutions.” He says that not only will businesses look for such solutions for the labour crunch, regular customers will also benefit from the user experience as the technology provides more interactive and intelligent engagement. As such, it is a win-win situation for both businesses and regular customers.

Nevertheless, like most business owners in Singapore, Nick faces the challenge of staff retention. He says that the company would have to provide a pay package that is at least 20% more than Multinational Companies (MNCs) to attract talent.

Additionally, AIT also has firm measures in place to bring out the best in every employee. He says that he provides his employees with upgrading opportunities through training and courses. Nick further states that these measures provide his employees the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the company.

To further boost their services, AIT also engages research institutions, such as Astar-I2R and SIMTECH to enhance their current technologies. By partnering with different research institutions, AIT is able to make use of research and development to provide more “purposeful and innovative products to various industries”.

The company has also made waves in the retail sector with the creation of “DigiQuin™”. The name is a play on “digital mannequin”, and it allows apparel businesses to showcase their fashion outfits to shoppers. The technology embedded in the DigiQuin™ allows businesses to gather statistics of a shopper’s general information such as age-group, gender, body profiles, etc. With this information, a recommended 3D outfit will be projected on the screen of the DigiQuin™.

In the hospitality sector, AIT provides the one-of-a-kind ACE – Auto Check in/out Express. Approved by the Hotel Licensing Board and almost at its launch stage, the product will feature an all-in fully automated self-check-in and checkout function for hotel guests.

The HAWK and SEEK are also offered to the healthcare sector. These kiosks provide pre-diagnostic of a patient’s health. The products can help acquire a patient’s blood pressure, oxygen level, body temperature, and others. This will help the healthcare industry minimise waiting time and improve productivity as doctors can proceed to the diagnosis with the information gathered from the HAWK and SEEK kiosks.

Amongst their competitors, AIT stands apart in the industry with their business focus on being “purposeful and productive”. This is a true indicator that the company is customer-centric and believes in helping their clients maximise their output and garner even more success.

Under Nick’s leadership, AIT Technologies has flourished and grown from strength to strength with each passing year. Evidently, Nick’s story shows the tenacity of an individual to honour the passing of his mother by being skilled and successful in his chosen field. His determination and focus cannot be understated, as he works hard to provide more cutting-edge and innovative products and services for AIT. It is safe to say that the story of Nick and AIT will provide a blueprint for anyone seeking motivation and inspiration.

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