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Ms. Joyce Chai

Established in 2009 by Ms. Joyce Chai, Super Leo Cleaning Services’ core business lies in providing cleaners to organizations, no matter whether they are small, medium, or big organizations. Offering services such as office cleaning, carpet supply and installation, parquet supply and installation, as well as carpet cleaning and shampooing, Super Leo is well equipped to handle any cleaning requirements their clients may have.

For Joyce, she is no stranger at being an entrepreneur. Previously in the Food and Beverage industry, Joyce was interested to go into other industry, and along the way, also gradually saw the need of jobs for elderly people. Hence, to start off, she set up Super Leo Cleaning Services, providing part-time and home-based cleaning. Joyce said, “With cleaning services, the jobs are simple enough to handle for the elderly people, and we are thus able to provide them jobs. This explains why I decided to just give it my best shot and work from there.”

Joyce was trained by the best. Since young, her mother has been training her to clean up her own room, and this developed a passion in Joyce which prompted her to turn it into a career.

As Super Leo began their operations, Joyce soon found herself encountering typical challenges facing newly minted companies. Besides having difficulties getting clients, Super Leo also found themselves encountering challenges finding cleaners who are trustworthy enough to be entrusted with the job. In addition, Joyce mentioned that it was issues at times to get their payments on time from their clients.

To counter these challenges, Joyce decided to implement certain solutions. Posting on websites as advertisement and exposure, Super Leo services began broadcasting their services to potential clients in the market. To keep costs down, Joyce also decided to travel mainly via public transport, eliminating the worry that comes with additional expenses.

Additionally, with the recent trend in companies outsourcing their services to external vendors, many of them are choosing to outsource their cleaning to cleaning companies as well. As such, Super Leo has also experienced a boom in business.

Today, Super Leo has grown by leaps and bounds since their humble beginnings, and they have netted several big clients along the way. Not only are companies like Pall Filtration and China Aviation Oil counted amongst their clientele, Super Leo is also in charge of providing cleaners and cleaning services to the Amazon office in Singapore. This is a clear testament to their credibility and professionalism Super Leo has shown since their establishment.

Looking back at their success, Joyce has attributed much of it to the sheer amount of time and effort she has invested into her business. “For each of my clients, I have put in the time and effort to service them, including listening to the feedbacks and complaints I receive from my clients. I am also committed to making myself available, so that I will be able to attend to any urgent issues that need solving.”

In addition, Joyce felt that the business would not have been as successful today if she had not had inspiration and help from a fellow industry friend, Dinesh from Clearvision, a company which offers glass-cleaning services. Joyce said, “He has over ten years of experience, and he specializes in glass and chandeliers. As we went along, he is a man full of ambitions, with very high standards of cleaning. Our business helped each other a lot during the past years.”

An entrepreneur for six years now, Joyce felt that she has both grown as a person and as an entrepreneur throughout her entrepreneurial journey. To her, she has learnt to be more open-minded, and be positive about what clients and workers tell her. She said, “If there are compliments, take and appreciate them. If they are complaints, also take them, but entrepreneurs must learn not too take it too hard.”

“An entrepreneur always has to be humble and accept that there will be changes. As such, we have to constantly keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Also, they have to be efficient in their business management, in terms of managing workers and even returning emails.”

With Joyce professing that her business has pretty much stabilized after five years of operations, Super Leo now looks to consolidate their status and stability in the cleaning industry. Joyce elaborated that she would definitely like to expand her resources into getting in more business and boost her manpower numbers. Although they have dabbled in residential cleaning in the past, Joyce said that she would prefer to focus on office cleaning for now, as it is what they are good at.

With the trend of outsourcing cleaning services on the rise, Super Leo is well placed to meet this demand. With their portfolio, tried and true professionalism, and under the Joyce’s leadership, Super Leo looks on track to garnering even more success in the years to come.

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