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Mr. Michael Tay

Resources Freight Pte Ltd was conceptualised on the back of Mr. Michael Tay’s extensive experience in the logistics industry prior to the founding of the firm. Since 1980, Michael has been a part of the freight industry. Upon having 15 years of experience, Michael decided to branch out on his own. Hence, his company, Resources Freight Pte Ltd, was set up in 1995.

The company is well known in the industry as an international air and sea freight forwarder. They essentially carry out the role as the connecting piece when any particular firm or individual wishes to have any type of product go from one place to another, be it in the same country, or from country to country.

Resources Freight focuses its business mainly on two industries, the marine industry and Information Technology (I.T) industry. Some of its regular supporting airlines include budget-carrier Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific and full-fledged carriers such as Philippine Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Within the IT industry, some of Resources Freight’s prominent clients include that of Apple, Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard. Resources Freight takes pride to be among a few of the local accredited forwarder authorised by Apple Computer in Singapore.

On the other hand, with regards to the marine industry, Resources Freight typically dabbles in the transfer of control pumps from one location to another. Regular destinations of air and sea freight include Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. Resources Freight has worldwide partners to handle shipment to and from anywhere in the continent.

Michael made the decision to branch out on his own with the backing and support from his wife and also, his regular clients when he was still an employee in his previous logistics firm. Both parties saw boundless potential in Michael, certain that he is sufficiently capable to carve a bright future for himself and his company on his own accord.

Besides that, Michael tells us that he is blessed. Ever since the inception of Resources Freight, the firm’s journey has largely been smooth sailing on a whole. The main challenges he encountered for the firm were basically the search for good reliable employee to join the company so that the company can consider further expansion.

That apart, as to how numerous start-ups may find a difficulty with, the financial situation of Resources Freight was another primary concern of Michael’s. Having to source for his own funding for the initial capital cost of the company, Michael tackled this issue with overdrafts from banks within his own capacity as he do not wish to reach out to any family member or outsiders support besides the banks, so that he will not owe any obligation to anybody.

Resources Freight celebrates its 20th year in business, the firm has a number of achievements that it is proud of. It has managed to establish a niche market in Philippines, with an office to call its own over there, too. Resources Freight believes that a firm’s success is due to a collective effort. Therefore, it actively seeks to reward its employees for their dedication and effort in contributing to the firm’s operations.

Michael reveals that employees of Resources Freight are rewarded on a quarterly basis, on top of their existing monthly remuneration, for the firm will not be where it is today without their constant toiling.

In a highly saturated industry with increasingly intense competition, Michael strives to differentiate Resources Freight from fellow competing firms through various means. For starters, the company has opted to focus a bulk of its dealings on the IT industry. Subsequently, it can be attributed to being a specialist in this particular field, in terms of packing and handling of IT equipment and goods.

Resources Freight utilizes automated packing machines on top of manual labour, which offer greater efficiency and overall output in its operations. This, in turn, means that the company is capable of handling tasks that are bound by the most stringent and pressing of deadlines.

Lastly, being in the industry for two decades, Resources Freight possesses a reputation synonym to the words freight-forwarding and logistics. Gradually, the organisation has also established a reputation that clients place their utmost trust in.

According to Michael, in order for an individual to succeed in running a business, there are a number of traits that are of great importance. Trust and integrity in the execution of a business deal are two such attributes. To add on, the support and backing of a client, with the placement of his or her complete faith, is another factor of vital importance.

In the ensuing five years, Resources Freight is looking to break into the Hong Kong market, something they have been putting into consideration for the last three years. In addition, the Malaysian market, specifically Penang, is showing signs of increasing potential for Resources Freight, too. This testament can be backed with the clinching of a deal with Dell, which has entrusted Michael’s company to be responsible for the goods over there.

Led by an astute and savvy owner in Michael, it is evident that Resources Freight will only go upwards from where it currently stands in the market. The company possesses bountiful potential for endless progression and expansion alike.

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8 Kaki Bukit Road 2#03-33
Ruby Warehouse Complex S(417841)
T| 6742 2005 / 6742 8689
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