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Mr. Johnny Ku
Ms. Linda Lim

Singapore is such a nice country to live in, considering the clean environment and vast opportunities that await skilled workers and professionals. However, it can also be a sweat, literally, because of the hot and humid weather the country experiences most of the year. Air-conditioners may be your best friends at home or in the office. Nothing can be compared to the joy of feeling the air-conditioning cooling wind brushing against your cheeks after coming home.

With the months ahead set to get hotter and drier, many households are turning up their air-conditioners to beat the heat. Similarly, the sweltering climate has also stimulated sales of cooling appliances such as, air-conditioners.

FAM Airconditioning Pte Ltd is an established air-con company in Singapore. Founded by Mr. Johnny Ku and his wife, Ms. Linda Lim in 2005, FAM Airconditioning Pte Ltd is named after the initials of their children’s names, Fredrick, Amanda and Manfred respectively. It specialises in air-con servicing, maintenance, installation, as well as, repairs for both commercial and residential purposes.

When asked about the reason for choosing to do business in this particular industry, Mr. Johnny shares that he believes in skilled work. Upon completing his national service, Mr. Johnny first chanced upon a job opportunity in the air-conditioning industry. Overtime, he developed an interest for it. His burning passion towards this industry enabled FAM Airconditioning to stably stand by itself for the past decade.

Mr. Johnny expresses his gratitude that his business has not been adversely impacted by any shocks in the global economy. That apart, when FAM Airconditioning began its operations, Mr. Johnny faced typical challenges, just like any other fresh entrepreneurs. Other than lack of manpower, customers and funds were the other two main concerns of Mr. Johnny. It was indeed tough for Mr. Johnny to source for customers, employees and capital to maintain the business.

Mr. Johnny is also pleased to say that he has fulfilled his dream of opening an orphanage. Located in Yangon, Myanmar, Mr. Johnny’s orphanage initially started off with 28 children. To date, his orphanage consists a total of 104 children. It has been eight years since Mr. Johnny took over the orphanage. He has been providing monthly financial support for the daily upkeep of the orphanage. Despite his busy schedules, Mr. Johnny makes an effort to visit the orphanage twice a year to interact with the children, and study what more can be done towards improving their lives.

In Mr. Johnny’s opinion, he views the entrepreneurship award as recognition of his past hardship. It is a form of reward in exchange for all of the hard work and effort he put in, to sustain his business. To Mr. Johnny, family is the most important part of his life. This explains why his motivation mainly comes from the love and support of his family.

Being in this industry for a decade, FAM Airconditioning has their very own ways of differentiating themselves from their competitors. They attend to customers within four hours, providing a much more efficient and quick response compared to their competitors. This puts them at an advantage. Mr. Johnny strongly agrees that quality of work and service is important for the company’s reputation. With quality work and good services provided to customers, half the battle is won.

Mr. Johnny also shares that for an individual to be successful in business, he or she must be trustworthy. Before one becomes successful, one has to gain trust from family members, employees and customers. Mr. Johnny believes that, ‘Being focused and working hard is the real key to success.’

Moving forward, Mr. Johnny is looking towards expanding his business for the second generation to take over as a family business. On top of that, Mr. Johnny is considering to source for more customers for the company. In addition, he has plans to send his workers for retraining courses. This way, his workers will be able to gain a deeper insight and understanding towards latest advancements in technology, and gain new skills.

With such a leader who values his family, employees and customers, it is evident that greater things are in store for FAM Airconditioning in time to come. It is clear that FAM Airconditioning Pte Ltd’s success will certainly continue for decades to come, eventually making a name for itself in the industry.

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