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Entre' Automatics Pte Ltd
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Mr. Chris Mun

Established in 2005, Entre’ Automatics Pte Ltd specializes in designing, installing and assembling automatic doors for banks, hospitals, shopping centres, offices and many more. Their name, ‘Entre’, was derived from the word, ‘enter’, which relates to their specialty in automatic doors. With the company’s vast experience in the field of automation, they have built strong relationships with their clients from various industries that utilize doors.

Entre’ Automatics aims to be a one stop solution for consumers, providing automated doors as well as other related products and services. Some of their product services include Automatic Sliding Doors operators, Automatic Swing Door operators, Sliding Stacking and Sliding folding Door Systems. These automated door services are provided to enhance the experience of the public when they enter a place.

Mr. Chris Mun, founder of Entre’ Automatics, has been in this specialized industry for almost twenty-four years. It was only until 2005 when he decided to venture into starting his own business. Despite knowing the heavy risks, Chris wanted to challenge himself. It was a tough fight, with numerous obstacles along the way but he persevered.

When the company first started, Chris wore many hats, as he had no employees. Also, he had to deal with financial problems. Albeit the difficulties, Chris took it positively and worked hard to overcome the stress of working alone. This displayed his strong dedication and passion for entrepreneurship. It was only until a few years later when he started recruiting staff.

He asserted that it takes discipline and hard work to get ahead in the competitive business. Adding on, he shared that it is indeed a common scenario, whereby some companies choose to give up on their businesses after a short while, due to many obstacles and struggles faced.

Chris shared about some of his problems he faced was the turnover rate in his staff. It is not easy, but as an entrepreneur, he firmly believes in the importance of investing in knowledgeable and skilful employees. Only by doing so, there could be stronger team cohesion and bonding in the company to succeed.

Over the years, Chris has built his career from scratch to achieve its success. Today, the company has an excellent track record for providing good quality and competitive products to its customers. Chris is a self-motivated individual who believes that with hard work, drive and passion, it is possible to achieve positive results. This clearly explains why Entre’ Automatics has been making profits progressively all this while.

Chris still remembered when he first started out with nothing. But now, he is the owner of eight cars, which he is proud of. He advised, “It is always hard work and luck which will bear fruition at the end of the day.” Chris added, “There are days which you will feel demoralized but please do remember to persevere. You will have to continue to push on to do your best.”

Today, Entre’ Automatics is ranked one of the top three in the Singapore automatic door market, due to the team’s perseverance and passion that has driven the company to success. Chris speaks highly of his company’s success and the struggles he went through to keep the company driven and ahead of its competitors.

With an eye towards the future, Mr Chris is eager for Entre’ Automatics to continue their journey towards success. “I want to introduce our product line into the construction industry, so as to ensure that the profit margin is not stagnant. In addition, by doing so, we are ahead of our competitors.”

Evidently, Chris is a dedicated and hardworking individual. Such qualities are the driving forces to any form of success. It is the virtue of his hard work that the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award honours and recognizes him for. Entre’ Automatics has a bright future ahead and there is more to look forward to from them!

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Mayfair Industrial Building S(577206)
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